• A girl laid on the ground quivering. Her short shoulder length blond hair draped around her face. The thin blanket around her gave her no warmth or insulation. Her ocean blue eyes scanned the darkness around her for threats. There were none. Her name was Analyse. Analyse had been alone since she could remember. Her older brother died from a vampire attack when she had been only nine years old. She had no other family and as she tried to travel around towns, no one accepted her. She was a lone wolf of sorts. She decided from then on to travel in the woods and not to be seen or heard. Now at the age of sixteen...she was lonely..
    She curled up farther in the blanket shivering violently. Her back braced against the tree and her eyes frantically searching for some hidden threat in the woods. She knew something was out there. She just didnt know what.
    She had almost closed her ocean blue eyes when she heard panting. Her eyes widened. She had no weapon. It sounded dog-like. She knew creatures of the night like vampires, werewolves, trolls, elves, and fairies exsisted around here. She didnt want her mind to wander as the panting got closer. She closed her eyes as the faint sniffing was becoming clearer. She bit down on her bottom lip as the dog like animal came closer to her. Then it abruptly stopped. She held her breath not daring to move as a cold wet nose lightly brushed her earlobe. It paused and Analyse's eyes widened. A blood curdling howl emmitted from its throat. Analyse looked up at it. The wolf's body was outlined from the moonlight as the clouds parted. She could tell it had snowy white fur and as it looked down at her she heard other wolves return its call. It stared her down with blood red eyes. Analyse quivered and moved fast backing up against the tree. The wolf watched her every move with interest.
    Finally Analyse whispered frightened,"W-hat d-do you wa-want?" The wolf seemed to consider it for a moment. Analyse's eyebrows furrowed slightly. It looked like it was thinking. Then the realization sunk in...it was a werewolf... Analyse whimpered slightly as the wolf seemed to reach a conclusion to her question. It walked towards her and whispered in a husky voice,"Only you know the answer to that Analyse." Analyse was not only weirded out by this but confused. "W-ait? Y-you c-an t-alk? W-hat d-do you me-an only I-I kn-ow the an-swer to th-at?" The wolf seemed to smile a little. Analyse sat up straighter as she asked, "What's y-your na-name?" The wolf replied easily, " That's easy enough. My name is Requiem Nocturne," the wolf said with a slight bow," I have come to collect you Miss Analyse." Analyse's eyebrows furrowed once more,"C-collect m-me? Why?" Requiem looked up at the sky. The moon was still high, but he seemed to want to get going. "I have come to collect you, Analyse, for the reason as to which I am not allowed to say. That is for another to portray to you. So if you would please climb on my back, for, I have alot to tell you with little time to do so in," he said as he laid on the ground in front of her. Analyse looked dazed. This werewolf used a lot of big words and said them in a fancy way. She really didnt know what he wanted. She got to her feet hesitantly and looked him in the eye. "C-can I-I tru-st y-you no-t to ki-ill me?" Requiem without blinking or hesitating said , "Yes." Analyse looked at his back then back at where her blanket lay. She could either go back to the way she was lonely and homeless, or she could go with this very odd, interesting, and incredibly verbose werewolf to god knows where.
    A small shy smile came to her face as she lay a hand on his back and then straddled him as he got to his feet. She could almost see him smiling. "Hold on," he said almost laughing as he lurched forward with his strong back legs. Analyse had to grab a handful of his neck fur to keep on balance. She yelped,"S-Sorry!" She quickly released it. Requiem laughed as he said," It didnt hurt. You'll need to hang on anyways," he said as he picked up the pace.
    The cool night air stung her face as she looked around them; the trees flew by as if they werent there. She felt at peace for once in her life. Her eyes got blurry and her neck ached. He had awoken her in the midst of her sleep. She layed her head on his neck , her shoulder length blonde hair covered his neck; she hoped he wouldnt mind if she just rested for awhile. And darkness overtook her eyes with that last thought.


    "Analyse...wake up," a husky voice said. Analyse immediately opened her eyes. She had fallen asleep on him. Her cheeks pinked as she realized this. Requiem, acknowledging her return to the world said," Welcome to your new home for the next few years....if you so choose to make it..." Analyse looked up and there stood a mansion. It was huge! Analyse's eyes widened in shock and amazment. Requiem noticed her loss of words and seemed to smile in his wolf form. "You like it?" Analyse could only shake head. Requiem was now walking up the many steps up to the mansion as he started talking," This is a school for the very gifted and the mythical," he said and then paused," or rather that's what society has decided to name us anyway. This place provides space for creatures of all races including lycans or werewolves, vampires, fallen angels, hybrids, and creatures of all sorts to live , master their abilities, and contol them. As well as find out what those powers are to begin with," he paused and stopped," before you go in the mansion you should know that Prince Draylk is the founder of this facility. He is also a vampire," he paused," becareful around him," he said as he started walking again. "You will be housed with me for the rest of tonight and will stay with me until the beginning of the week which is technically tomorrow." Requiem looked back at Analyse," Did you get all of that?" Analyse nodded. She was now afraid. Why was she brought here? He brother had been killed by a vampire? What if he tried to kill her? What would he want with her? What if one of the other vampires wanted to eat her? Could she defend herself? Her body stiffened and Requiem noticed. "Dont worry," he said comfortingly,"I'll be here to watch out for you okay?" Analyse nodded and gripped his neck tighter as they arrived upon the door. Analyse, still on Requiem's back, gripped the handle. This was the moment of truth. Could she do this? She got a tighter hold on the handle and pulled. The door creaked open...