• The boy impatiently tapped his fingers on his leg and flicked his blonde hair. The usual look of arrogance on his face was replaced with a look of complete boredom. He bit down on the sucker in his mouth and looked around the poorly lit room. Mold was building up in the corners of the walls and filthy smudges were everywhere. Even the floor was covered in a whole inch of dirt. Someone should really clean up in here. He thought squishing a bug passing by. Suddenly a man with a scraggy beard ran into the dark room and feel on one knee. “Lord Kiwik!” Kiwik sat up on the old crate. “Good news I hope?” He asked. “Yes sir!” The man said, knelling. “He wants to negotiate!” Kiwik smiled and stood up. “Excellent! I was starting to get rather bored!” He calmly walked down the dark hall. “Have Cerin cross this dump off my list.” A shadow dashed down the hall in a zigzag motion until it joined together with Kiwik’s.

    Kiwik stared down at the doorknob and frowned. It was just as dirty as everything else in the building. Its like everyone who’s ever went into the door spit on it before they walked in! He thought disgusted. He dug a napkin out of his front pocket and used it to turn the knob. Two men were waiting for him inside. The one sitting in the leather chair was known as Felix. Ambassador Felix to be exact. He tried to hide his nervousness, but anyone with eyes could see that he was sweat flowing down his face by the bucketfuls. The giant standing next to him was his most trustworthy general Abaven. Kiwik dropped the napkin on the floor and walked into the room. “Hello gentlemen.” He greeted with a smile. “You came without an escort?” Felix asked. “Why not?” Kiwik asked smiling. “I have nothing to fear. By the way, it is a bit polite to clean up a little before guests come. Especially a guest who is higher than their host.” Felix glared at him. “That’s him?!” Abaven nearly shouted in disbelief. “That’s lord Kiwik?! He can’t be any older than sixteen!” “Fifteen actually.” Kiwik said taking a seat on the other side of the small table. “Shut up boy!” Felix commanded. Kiwik frowned. “What reason do you have for this invasion?! Why do you slaughter my people unprovoked?!” “If you’re truly the commander of the territory, than I’m doing ‘your people’ a favor.” “Sir, this is ridiculous! He’s just a child!” Felix raised a hand to silence him. “Okay, fine, you win. I’m a proud man, but I know when to admit defeat.” Kiwik sat back in his seat and smiled. “I will give you the northern half of my Kingdome, if you promise to call back your troops.” Kiwik took the plastic stick out of his mouth and laughed. “I’m sorry to say this, Mr.Felix, but the answer is no! I do not negotiate for things I want!” Abaven pounded his fist on the table. “So you came all this way only to mock us?!” “No. That simply would be a waste of my precious time.” Kiwik pointed to the ground. “I came to see you on your knees. We all know you can’t possibly win this war, Mr.Felix. Surrender and I will let your kingdom continue under my rule.” Abaven drew his sword and placed it up to Kiwik’s neck. “We will never surrender to you!” Felix smiled and nodded his head. “Coming here without an escort! You arrogant fool!” Kiwik calmly dug in his pocket and pulled out another sucker. “Shade, attack.” A smile suddenly spread across his shadow. “Yes master!” A high-pitched voice echoed in the room. “What was that?!” Felix asked standing up. A creature covered in silver scales jumped out from his shadow and pinned general Abaven to the ground. She was very small, only about four or five feet and extremely thin. She had two small horns at the top of her head, a tail, and two tufts of whiskers that stuck out of the sides of her head like stiff fur. Her fingers ended with a point like tiny knifes and her feet had only two pointed toes. He tried to fight her off but she was stronger than she looked. Kiwik calmly ripped off the wrapper and put the sucker in his mouth. Felix was cowering in the corner of the room. “Wha-wha-who-“ “Sorry Mr. Felix, but I had to lie about the escort thing, I hope you understand. Meet my second in command, shade. ” “I’m waiting for your order’s master.” Shade said not taking her eyes off Abaven. Kiwik bent down to Felix’s level. “Now Mr. Felix, I-“ “What is that thing?!” Felix shouted. “I am not a thing!” Shade hissed. Kiwik frowned. “I’m beginning to grow impatient, Felix. If you do not surrender your kingdom to me in the next minute, you and your ‘people’ will die.” “Don’t do it sir! Don’t give up to this child!” Abaven cried. Shade swiftly slit his throat. “Abaven!” Felix cried. “He made his choice.” Kiwik coldly stated. “Now what is yours?” Felix tried to think of any way out but his thoughts were scattered. “Time is growing short, Felix.” Shade walked behind Kiwik and smiled sweetly. Felix closed his eyes and sighed. He bent down on his knees. “I… I surrender lord Kiwik. May your rule upon this kingdom be long and joyous.” Kiwik smiled and stood up. “Thank you Mr. Felix.” He headed to the door with shade following behind him. “Make sure to share the good news with your people, my troops are already informed.” Felix dug his nails in the ground. “You…” Kiwik turned to him. “You can’t be a mere child…” He staggered to his feet. “You aren’t even human are you?!” Kiwik spit the sucker on the ground. Felix put his head in his hands. “You just can’t be real…” “I’ll share a little secret with you if you’d like.” He said with a devious smile. “I am only fifteen years of age. And I am indeed a living creature. But I am not human.” Kiwik tapped his head. “It’s all in the mind Mr.Felix.” A pair of tiger ears popped out from beneath of the boy’s golden hair. “Sir! Are you alright?!” Abaven said shaking Felix by the shoulders. Felix yelped and fell on his back. “Abaven! Your alive!” Felix turned to Kiwik, and saw that the tiger ears were suddenly gone. Kiwik chuckled to himself as he walked out of the room. His shadow following close behind him.