• prologue

    We were at the asylum. My family thought i was crazy. The doctor came to us in the waiting room. We could here all of the screams from the people in their cells. He said, " Its time for you to get in your cell." I started to get watery in my eyes, i didn't know what i had really done, i was pretty much just being forced into jail.

    I got to what other people would so cozy but to me uncomfortable. Then i started to here nurses talking," I think the new girl is going to be a testy." I couldn't really figure out the whole testy thing but i didn't really like it. The same nurse went to my cell and opened it. They took me to a mysterious lab, then they took me to what was called a shot room. Then the doctor came up to me and said," Hello, you are going to be tested on to see if we can possibly cure craziness." He got one of the injections and took my arm and put the injection in my arm. I felt so much pain and it went on for at least half a minute. The doctor said,"You may fell dizziness and other side effects." I diffinatly started to feel side effects but not dizziness. I thought i was in wonderland