• Looking back at what I have done with my life, I wouldent regret it.
    I remember the first day of my journy, the journy that changed my life...

    =Chapter 1: I wanna catch em' all=

    BRUUP BRUUP BRUUP BRUUP BRUUP my alarm screemed at 5:34 A.M. in the morning and normally I would be throwing the clock at the wall, but today is very special, its the day I get my first Pokémon and I set it early to make sure I didn't miss the big celebration the town is giving to us "Newbies" as the older trainers have been calling us, but I wont let that take me down, soon in about 3 hours I will get my first Pokémon and I will show them who is who!

    But first things first... I need food... and a shower!
    I jump out of bed and run downstairs, taking it 2 steps at a time and before I know it I am on the first floor heading into the kitched when...
    POW! right into our neibors Mr. Mime

    "MIIIIMMMEE!!" Screamed Mr. Mime falling down onto the floor.

    "I'm sorry Mr. Mime, its all my fault I was in a rush, let me help you up buddy" I said reaching down and grabbing Mr. Mime's hand hand pulling up.

    "Mime!" Said Mr. Mime shaking my shoulder, saying its ok.

    "Ohh Valkyrie, good morning, excited?" said Mr. Mime's owner Daisy.

    "Yes I am Mrs. Daisy, I wonder what my partner will be?" I said, smiling at her.

    "So what Pokémon are you going to choose? my son choose a Charmander as his first last year did you know that?" said Daisy.

    "Yes I do, and I gave it some deep thought and I think that Bulbasaur is right for me!" said Valkyrie.

    "Thats cool, I hope you get it before one of the other 3 kids get it" Said Daisy looking at Valkyrie.

    "I want to get their early before any one else gets their to claim their Pokémon" Said Valkyrie heading into the kitched about to scramble some eggs.

    "You only have 30 min to eat though, thats why I came over to make sure you dont forget about the event" Said Daisy .

    "WHAT!!" exclaimed Valkyrie looking at the clock on the wall, and sure enough it said 7:38 in a bright red glow.

    "Hurry up before its to late!" shouted Daisy after Valkyrie came running past her and up the stairs to change into the first pair of clean clothes he could find.

    Dressed in a pair of Cargo pants, and a black t-shirt Valkyrie falls down the stairs holding all hsi papers he needs to become a trainer, then runs out the door with Daisy yelling after him.

    "Be Carefull!! and down forget to get that paper signed!" her voice trailing off in the distance.

    Running as fast as he can, Valkryie runs to Oaks lab, where he can see a few people, "So maybe I am not late" Valkyrie says to himself, but when he gets closer he see's confeti on the ground and Oak walking up to his lab.

    "Proffessor!" Called Valkyrie mostly out of breath, after a few deep intakes of air he says "Prof Oak, is there any Pokémon left?" looking excited.

    "I'm sorry my boy, you missed the last one by 10 min, maybe again next year ok?" Said Oak trying to cheer up Valkyrie who is now showing his depression for not getting the Pokémon he wanted, slowly he turned and walked down a few stairs before Oak said.

    "Wait there son, there is one Pokémon left that maybe you can raise, follow me".

    So Oak led Valkyrie up the stairs and into his lab, After they entered a huge set of double oak doors Valkyrie walked into the greeting room that was full of nothing but photographs on him with other trainers, other Pokémon, and other people who Valkyrie could not even think about who and what they where. They walked a little past a large solid door and into a metal workshop full of weird machines, large moniters on the walls, and a few free roaming baby Bulbasaur and Squirtle playing.

    "Here we go" Said Oak walking up to a computer and typing a command:
    Set: Y_015N

    A flash of light and a poké ball appered next to the machine in some kind of transporter, Oak took the ball and handed it to Valkyrie

    "Take good care of this one son, he will never leave you or betray you if you treat him right" said Oak stepping a couple steps backward

    "Which Pokémon did I get sir?" asked Valkyrie amazed

    "Check it out for yourself, just throw the poké ball in the middle of the room and it will split in half, exposing your new friend and teammate"

    So Valkyrie turned around and threw the ball in the center of the room, when it landed the ball litterly split in half and a brilliant white object fell out, the ball bounces and closed itself then some how bounced back to Valkyrie's hand.

    The White object started to take shape, it became a short blog like thing, the color started to appear first with a toned down pink followed by a purple overlay over its body, the eye's where two black dots and you couldent see its mouth, the Pokémon blinked once..twice and looked right at Valkyrie and said.

    "Ditto!" said the mysterius creature looking happy to be free.

    Valkyrie just stared at the creature, untill the Ditto jumped into the air and landed on Valkyrie's face, happy to finnaly have a real friend.