• Nobody really thinks about how they die, i guess it just sort of happens. There are problems, but everyone slacks it, instead thinking another will do it. And the nice ones, like me always finish last. There have been many problems in your and my world.

    I really dont have many friends, unless you count drunk heaps. My one real friends name, is Liam. He's the bartender. He's stood by my side and helped me. One night i had drunk way too much heres how it went.

    "Hey Liam i need another round." I had said. "No dude you seriously have a drinking problem and its been hitting hard today." He replied. So i had said. "Drinking problem? I dont have a drinking problem! I drink, and i get drunk, end of story."

    So he's been helping me with my drinking problem. But he's been helping me for longer than that. Ya we've been through thick and thin together, things happen. I hit the edge, and liams there to pull me back. Even through grade school we have helped eachother.

    Yeah i think Liam may remain my only friend. I dont see many people who would wanna be friends with a pre-drunkee. Every person i meet everywhere i go, i am shunned. But beside that and being drunk most my life, its gone pretty good.

    I only know a few things: Liam is my friend, i am shunned, and that i have a drinking problem. Yeah i know, not much huh? My family was pretty poor too. The one thing i have that is useful is that i can write, i can write stories. Thats all though.

    I just love it, being able to form your own story, its what i want. Nobody else matters because i can controll it. Some things i write about are death. Its a word used so much, but everyone just passes it on as if it meant nothing. Nobody gives real thought to it.

    Its somthing i question, do you die and leave to heaven? Or is your spirit put in the next baby born? Because energy canot be destroyed, and forever is impossible, time is irrelitive. No one gives that question a thought. Except me, when i ask someone to explain forever they just say "Forever is forever, end of story."

    But sadly its not the storys end, there would still be much more to tell. If time was created by us, then so was forever. Nobody gets the true meaning of "time". But back to "my world". Story writing no one seems intrested in. I write so much but nobody buys. But i dont destroy my stories, that to me is like destroying time its self, and giving no records of it.

    I remember meeting Liam. I was the new kid in kindergarden. my new teacher was Mrs. W. It was recess, as usuall at a new school everyone crowded up to meet the new kid, except one boy in a red turtleneck. I dismissed everyone. And walked up to the boy.

    We met and i instantly knew we were destind to meet. Its been 30 years since then. And we remain intact. We have been like i said, through thick and thin, weve both fought battles we cant win. And weve lost those battles. But either him or i am there to pick the other up.

    Friendship? Now i think. Is that just created by us? Is it irreletive? But back to me. Ya when i said "Either him or i am there to pick the other up.". Its been like that many times. One day, i was on about my fifth round of drinks. I started to get dizzy and the ground looked uneven. Come to think, it was blurry just as much and i passed out.

    I woke up the next morning at around eight o'clock. And Liam was literally at my side, and told me about it. I asked why he didn't stop me, it was because he was getting a delivery of beer to stock so he didn't know. Then he anded me a beer, but i couldn't accept it.

    Thats why he started helping me with my problem. I now thought one word. Redemption.
    I thought now i could start up on the right road. Finally i could make things right. For once i was in the right place at the right time. After helping with my drinking, i started to work out and jog, it helped my writing too. For some reason i could write stories that were good.

    My one true friend had now become ill a couple months later. And had no health benifits. His family couldnt afford medicine, so i donated every last cent i owned, but it was uselss. Liam was fighting his last battle. A battle never to be won... by anyone.

    I went to his funeral and hugged the body one last time. The ceramony was slow and painful for me, it was torture. The next day i went to the bar with a paper in my hand i drank more than 30 rounds of beer, broke the end of the bottle off and put the paper inside, i passed out... and died.

    Nobody really thinks about how they die, i guess it just sort of happens. But now it was my time, i saw the light and was gone. The manager looked at the paper, it was my will, and he presented it to Liams family.

    "Everything to Liams family, i want to be able to see Liam forever."