• September xx, xxxx

    It was my first day I went to do this new school. I've been hearing from my aunts and parents that I would be moving to my relative's school. Why? Because apparently my mother couldn't afford my other school. (and to be honest, I accidentally told a lie to my friends that I would be moving to the different school after I was done with the year before this; Don't judge me. I didn't know until my mother told me)

    So I'm stuck at this school - as a new kid - and all these unfamiliar faces are looking at me - the new kid who was wearing glasses - (and I bet they probably thought I was a smart person. People can judge other people's appearances so quickly.) I can hear them whisper and look at me. Saying how I can probably hide behind a tree because of my skinniness, or how I must be smart with my glasses. I even heard a girl say I had odd pants.

    Okay, so I did have odd pants. Big deal. Since I'm the youngest of the family, of course I'm the baby. Which means cute-see stuff. Of course, I didn't show that I wasn't a big fan of orange, pink, green, or whatever colored pants, but I kept it so my mother can be happy. She WAS the one who bought it for me.

    Anyway, I'm happy that I at least made a friend. She was unlike the other girls. Maybe even boys. Her name is Tammy, and I just loved the question she had asked me.

    "Wanna be friends, Riona?" Her question made me joyful. Finally, someone has talked to me. I nodded my head and smiled at her. I turned towards the teacher, and looked at us. She didn't really have an expression on her face, but I could tell she didn't particularly care.

    Tammy and I didn't really talk to each other during lunch though, which was okay, since I've also made two more friends. Their names were Mitchy and Polly.

    First, me and Polly got mixed up with our teacher two times. I had to say we did look alike, except her dark curly brown hair. My hair color was like hers, only naturally straight. We both had the same style too. She liked to wear floral shirts, which makes her look a bit dainty. She also had glasses and khaki pants. Then we saw a girl with a headband who dresses up a bit similar to Polly. The girl with the headband, whose name is Mitchy, asked if she can hang out with us.

    Very soon, we became best friends. As known as a trio.