• tab The wind was cold as I rode away from the blazing inferno that remained of my home. Cold tears froze on my pale cheeks. I heard the sounds of pursuit behind me and I urged my horse faster. The king's army pursued me all through the night but they gave up just before dawn. I kept going though. I didn't stop till I was outside of the borders in the Wild Land. I slowed my horse down and hopped off. I let him go free and then I plopped down on the hard ground. Tears fell furiously down my face onto my ragged dress. I don't know how long I sat there. The next thing I truly remember was the boy coming silently out of the forest.
    tab "Who're you?" I exclaimed as I staggered back into a tree.
    tab "I am Sa'ri. I live with the elven people." His light green eyes stared unblinkingly into mine. "What is your name and why are you crying?"
    tab "Ummm. Oh. My name is Zarintha and I was cast out of my home last night by the king's army. They murdered my parents and burned my house." My voice broke and I sobbed drily.
    tab "Come with me Zarintha. My people will give you shelter as you regain your strength." Sa'ri grabbed my hand and helped me to my feet. He didn't let go as he led me into the silent forest. His hand was warm and it had a curiously green tint to it. His hair was long and brown.
    tab He led me through a gap in the trees and we were in a village. Everything was built into trees and it was a beautiful sight. There were tons of elves in the village and all of them froze as Sa'ri walked purposefully towards the biggest dwelling. A few elves hissed in anger or fear-I don't know which- as we passed by.
    tab An old elf sat in front of the dwelling. He was playing a flute but he stopped as soon as he saw me cowering behind Sa'ri.
    tab "What is the meaning of this Sa'ri? She is not one of us!" The old elf glared disapprovingly at me and Sa'ri.
    tab "Father. She has been run out of her own home and her parents were killed. I found her crying only feet away from the border. The king over there wants her dead." Sa'ri looked sadly down at me. I felt my eyes fill with fresh tears.
    tab "What is so special about her though?" The old elf sighed and thought for a minute. "I suppose she may stay however. She is very young."

    To Be Continued...