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    “Tell me what you believe. Tell me what you trust. Tell me what you fear... And let me consume it.”
    To believe in darkness is one thing. To believe and yet wonder how it came to be in existence is another horrific tale. One must face the truth eventually, right? To find out how it seeped into the world and how sins can turn their back on other sins for the right for freedom and peace; or is it just to quench their curiosity? To embark on a faithful journey to rid the earth of sin when a mere mortal makes a wrong move with the wrong people, or is it the right move? He must decide what’s right and wrong, what truth is and what’s false and become a renegade being.

    “NO!! Please no!” A shrill cry called out within the shadows. “Too bad, kid, it’s time to pay up,” Another hissed sharply. All while the voices cried and shouted, the loud pounding sound of rain on the windows of the old apartment building raged on. It had been raining for days now. Umbrellas would always be seen bobbing up and down the wet, slimy streets of this pitiful city of New York. A lot despised the rain. It was cold, annoying, and relatively sad to see. Someone was always crying during this cloudy time. “Please!! I beg of you, please don’t do this! I’ll get the money!” The same voice pleaded. “I don’t think a dreadful thing to look at such as you deserves a second chance!” the antagonist barked. The neighbors could hear the whimpering and shouts, but simply closed the curtains and turned up the Television. It would all be over soon, they thought. It always did.
    It did. The shouts and cries soon died out within the night, although, the rain didn’t cease. It poured like the streams of tears of one individual left in the dark alone.