• Breakfast had passed slowly, with the girl dodging one question after another from her mother about the boy, her cut, and life in general. When she was finally done with her food, she grabbed to phone and shut herself in her room. She called her friends house, and then her cell phone, but the line was busy and the cell was disconnected.
    "Stupid." She muttered to herself. "She's grounded remember?" The girl sighed and collapsed on her bed, and suddenly felt exausted. She would just have to wait for her friend to call her.
    By the time her cell phone started ringing the girl had gone through three different magazines and part of a crossword puzzle.
    "Finally." She muttered as she picked up the phone.
    "Can you meet me at the 7-11 in, like, ten minutes?" Her friend said without saying hello.
    "Sure." The girl answered, no questions asked.
    "Bye." The phone went dead. The girl put it on her desk with a sigh.
    "What did she do THIS time?" She said to the room as she collapsed on her bed again. The room was silent.
    "Guess I just have to freakin' find out." She grumble. With another heavy sigh, she got up from the bed and started searching for her shoes.