• Cherry blossoms danced across the blue sky along the coast. A young 16-year-old boy named Takuto was taking a stroll down the water and occasionally stopping to look at the sunset or chuck a rock in the water. “The ocean is almost flat today” he muttered to himself as he watched his rock skip across the salty ocean. The spring breeze played in his dark brown hair.

    He looked up at the sky, shading his face as he looked at the sun. It was almost twelve 'oclock. Although the beginning of spring had started barley a month ago his skin was already tanning.

    Takuto slung back his arm to throw another rock, when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. His arm dropped to his side as he squinted to get a better look. There was a young woman lying face down in the sand. Takuto dropped the rock and practically flew across the sand. He turned the girl over and she gasped as fresh air flooded into her lungs.

    “Hey, are you ok?” Takuto asked gently struggling to pick her up. The girl nodded and locked eyes with him. She had a long gash across her forehead and blood was oozing out on to her midnight waist length hair. She was wearing a black jumpsuit that was torn in many places. Her eyes were a piercing shade of grey, like storm clouds ready to hurl lightning bolts down to the earth. A single sapphire pendant hung from a silver chain.

    “Luke.” She moaned, her eyes rolled back in her head as she fainted. Takuto stifled a gasp. He tore off one of his sleeves and used it as a temporary bandage across her head.
    He ran back to his village carrying the young woman in his arms.

    “Help!” he cried out. “Help! Someone has been injured! Help!” he rushed up to the town clinic and pounded on the door. “ALEX!!!! OPEN UP!!!! ALEX!!!” Takuto hollered as he pounded on the door with his fist. Curious people peeked out of their houses to see what the commotion was about. “Help!” Takuto continued to cry out. Alex, the village doctor, opened the door.

    “What is it now tak-” he stopped short. “Who’s this?” he asked as he rushed Takuto inside.

    “I don’t know! I found her lying on the beach!” Takuto gasped.

    “all right, all right. Don’t panic. Now let’s set her down here.” Alex responded as they gently set her on a bed. “Lets see what we have here” he muttered as he gently checked for broken bones. After a few minutes he stood up, brushing his hair from his face. and declared “Nothing’s broken but she has quite a few cuts.”

    Takuto sighed in relief. “I’ll help,” he offered.

    “Alright then hand me those bandages over there.” Alex responded.

    After they cleaned up the young woman Takuto sat near by and waited for the girl to awaken. After about thirty minutes her eyes finally fluttered open. Takuto walked over. “Hey. Remember me?” he asked. She nodded.

    “You saved me,” she said in a honey sweet voice “Who are you?” she asked cocking her head.

    “Takuto, now what might your name be?” he responded as he got his first good look into her eyes. They where a startling shade of grey.

    “I am Kyra.” She responded.

    “Kyra” he echoed “hmm.” Kyra fiddled with hair for a moment.

    “So what happened to you? When I found you, you where pretty beaten up. And I don’t mean to pry but who is Luke?” Takuto asked.

    Kyra paused. “I-I-I don’t know.” She responded, her voice quivering “l-l-last thing I saw was a flash of b-b-blue light.”

    Takuto thought for a moment. “Well do you have any family?” he asked.

    “I don’t know.” She responded.

    “You don’t remember anything?” he asked, shocked.

    “No” she responded, her eyes brimmed with tears “I don’t know."

    hope you liked it! I'm 12 years old and I have been working on my book for about 8 months, I just mow came up with the intro redface LOL Add me if you think this is a good start!