• -At the party-
    Jassel: well I got to go guys im getting kinda sleepy and I Need to head on home already
    Cristina: Aww Ok See you at school on monday
    Jassel: Ok well Bye everyone
    Everyone: Bye Jassel

    -walking in the forest-

    I felt a cold breeze against my warm skin My heart Began To Beat faster it felt like I was being followed. the hair on the back of my neck stood I quickly began to pick up my pace. Who could be following me I thought to myself? I picked up my pace once more and tripped over a backpack I looked at the bag and it had the name John anderson writen on it. I sat in silence for a moment looking at the bag. when out of the blue I heard a noise coming from the bush I was to scared to run or move for that matter. a middle aged man come out from the bush. He was tall and somewhat drunk. I felt my heart race as he came closer to me.
    "Oh you found my bag I lost it a while back when I was looking for fire wood."
    Oh your John Anderson I thought this belonged to a friend of mine.
    "no its mine you look lost and cold wold you like to come in and warm up?"
    No thank you I must get going I really need to go home.
    "but I insist he said putting his arm over my shoulder and walking me torwds his house"
    I really must get going I said with a shaky tone.
    "No really please come on in."
    Please let me be I just want to go home no matter how much I begged he kept walking towrds his home. we reached the door and he slowly turned the knob and opened the door. I looked around and saw old pictures of him and a lady. he pushed me into his home and I tripped over my own feet.
    "Oh you look just like her you even sound like her too"
    Her? I turned to see the picture that fell to the ground. -gasp- I do look like her
    "hahaha yes but I wonder do you scream like her too."
    s-scream? -gulp-
    "yes oh how I loved the way she screamed and begged for more Know I want to know if your like her too."
    He bent down and pinned my arms to the ground he leaned near my ear and said "lets find out".
    tears began to stream down the side of my eyes
    "DOnt cry I never liked it when she cried".
    He put both of my arms into one of his hands he reached for a rope which was in this back pocket he wrapped the rope around my wrists and tied a tight knot at the end.
    I began to sob and more tears streamed down my face why is he doing this I thought to myself.
    He glided his hand from my cheek to my chest and to my stomich he slided his hands under my shirt and made his way back up to my breasts he started to knead my breast he stopped for a while and made his way to my back and unhooked my bra he pulled my shirt up along with my bra to the ends of my arms.
    He went back down to my breasts and started to bite and suck on my right breast while he gently messaged the left.
    I began to whimper.
    after hearing that he began to move down to my stomich gave it a light kiss and kept moving down.He unbuttoned my jeans and took them off I squeezed my legs togeather in a desprate attemp to protect myself but he just pulled them back open. he positioned himself and began to remove his jeans and boxers. He lefted my legs up to his hips. I let out a small gasp I felt his length rub against me. He thrusted himself in me. He began to pick up the pace he began to move faster and I felt myself being torn I wanted to yell with the great pain I felt I bit my lip and tried not to yell. He looked at me and said "yell I want to see if your like her" he began to thrust faster and faster. I couldnt take it anymore I yelled at the top of my lungs. He thrusted deeper and deeper I felt myself wanting to c** until I couldnt take it anymore I felt my wall clunch around him and he began to slow down and ended with one final grunt as he pulled out and released himself on my inner thights. I laid in pain and watched him walk away to the shower tears began to run down my face once more. moments later I heard the shower stop and run once more the man came out fully clothed and carried me into the tub where he let me lay for a while he began to clean my body with a sponge. I never felt so dead before I had no feeling in my legs, My wrists were bleeding and I felt completely torn up inside.