• Chapter 1: What happened
    Kauri walked home, alone, on the warm summer day. Her hair was still wet, since she had just gotten out of the pool. She used her towel to attempt to dry the long, brown hair. Her only fear of going swimming was that the chlorine would wash out the blue dye that was placed underneath the rest of her hair. If she liked anything about herself, it was her hair. She wasn’t quite satisfied with her extremely short body that was as thin as a toothpick. These features made her a lot younger than 15. She looked down at her arms; admiring the tan she had gotten as a result of swimming almost everyday during her summer break. The only days she didn’t swim were the days that were cloudy or raining. As she was thinking, she realized there were only 2 weeks and 5 days until school started.
    As she was walking, a large black van pulled up beside her. The driver rolled down the window and watched her for a second as she kept her eyes on her path, completely ignoring the fact he was inches away from her. He was a normal build and weight with short, dirty-blonde hair. His teeth were very messed up and he wore glasses.
    “Hey, your parents asked me to pick you up and take you home from the pool,” he shouted out the window at her.
    “Really? You know my parents? What’s your name then?” Kauri suspiciously asked.
    “Richard Lanely. Now, get in. I don’t want to have to tell them that you wouldn’t go. They might think I didn’t even try.”
    “I’ll be sure they know you tried, and I denied.”
    Richard briefly turned to his right, apparently searching for something. As soon as he found it, he sharply turned around and pointed it at Kauri. As soon as she looked, she realized it was a small gun. “Get in the van!” he forcefully yelled as he unlocked the doors.
    Kauri didn’t know what to do. She could either have a sure death by the bullets from that gun, or she could figure out what will happen if she gets in. If she got in, at least there was a chance of living. As she debated, she could hear him shout “Now!” even louder than he was yelling before. She grabbed the silver handle and got into the large van, wondering what her awaiting fate was.
    Kauri sat tightly, wondering where she was going while he sped along the roads. She noticed all of the windows were blocked by black pieced of some sort of plastic. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and did her best to relax. As she leaned against the side of the van, she could feel each and every bump along the way. She bowed her head, saying a little prayer asking God to keep her safe and let him do anything except kill her. For all she cared, he could keep her in his basement for the rest of her life, as long as she got to live.
    Her head bobbed violently into the side of the van as she felt them drive over a stone…driveway? She wondered. The door opened and she saw Richard there, a gun in one hand, the other extended towards her. She grabbed the extended hand and made the some-what large step from the van floor to the ground. His grip tightened as he led her in the door of the little white house. The door opened, and she immediately realized the house was a lot bigger on the inside than the outside.
    He led her around the long, winding hallways until they reached the door of a room near the end. He opened the door and moved his hand so she was now in lead. Once he entered behind her, he let go of her and locked the door. Kauri looked around and realized it was a bedroom. She started to panic, since she knew exactly what was about to happen.
    The first thing he did was tie her hands behind her back, so she wouldn’t be able to push him off. He took off his glasses, put the gun on the side table he knew Kauri wouldn’t be able to reach, since her arms were tied up, and he pushed her onto the bed. After she was on, he fell down on top of her and began taking off both of their clothes. Kauri resisted as much as she could, knowing there wasn’t much she could do, especially since he didn’t seem like he was afraid to use his gun.