(calling reinforcements)

    "Augghhhhh..." I spat out the blood that had begun to gather in my mouth. Clutching the wound just under my ribs, I felt warm blood running down my hand; 'the pain.'
    I tried to stand up, staring at my opponent's feet, my body seeming too heavy to support with my legs. 'He hit a vital organ?! Loss of blood or the cut...either way, I'll-'
    "Ughhh!!" I groaned as I fell back onto the blood soaked ground.
    "Ha! I said you cannot beat me! Weakling...ninja arent just about smarts!" he said from above my limp body. He put his foot on my back and leaned down towards my ear, "Victory!" he snarled. Reaching for the pouch, I took this chance to stab him with a kunai. I swung my arm backwards, to approximately where his heart was. If this doesnt land on target...then Im done for...

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