• As I walked to the end of her road, I could see her shutting her rusty old front gate. She started to walk towards me, with all the beauty and grace of a goddess. Every happy step she took was reflected in the bounce and flounder of her perfectly formed, chocolate brown curls.
    The breath was knocked out of me. Her face lit up as she came closer; her smile dazzling me as if it were a thousand suns. This girl - this fantastical, wonderful girl - was mine; my love and no one elses.
    She was befitted with her own style: a pair of stained and ripped skinny jeans, a rainbow, comic strip belt and her favourite t-shirt: that of a the Moomins, on a midnight blue background, with a pair of scrubby, old purple converse.
    On any other person it would look horrific, but her, she could pull it off perfectly. The dark blue of the shirt bringing out the azul, sea blue of her big, curious eyes and the jeans sculpting her long slender legs.
    In her hair was her trademark: a pink robot clip, worn upside down. She was a rarity; so unusual, so...weird...but unique and loveable.
    Now she was infront of me, her breathing shallow as I heard her heart rate increase. Her eyes were focused and gazing up at me. In them I saw every wonder of the world, mixed in with the her passion and love.
    She came close, we hugged. One which was always warm and always tender. Together we glowed, hand in hand as we walked down the street. I was on top of the world...love is a phenominal, amazing, unplaceable feeling, but it is a feeling that I felt right now.