• An boy the age of 16 with short brown hair that spiked in the back,he was 5`2 and also had big crystal blue eyes walked in his home which was an mansion.“Yukari im home” He said.He waited for an responce but no answer.He shrugged and started searching for Yukari.The boy went into his and Yukari`s room.“now where could she be hiding....” He said to hiself.Before could Think more he could feel something pushed him down like an animal.“yaaaaay i got you Yosuke-kun~” Yukari said with an cute laugh.Yukari was four inches shorter than Yosuke.She also had an more feminem body but was really female looking since she had an identical twin brother.The hair was even the same.“owwwwww Yukari becareful you allmost killed me” he said jokingly.As they got up Yukari smiled “so how was your day?
    To Be Continued (XDDD lol)