• “ Jacob, can I please ask you something?” I said, my voice not steady at all. He turned back to look at me with his innocent yet tense eyes. “ Whatever you want to know I will tell you, I love you.” He said in a calm voice.
    “Well I don’t know how to say this…….or ask this,” I said as I started blushing and he started giggling at my red face. “Well…..W-What if I were to ask you…..What were to happen if I bit you and the venom were to turn you in to a vampire? Or a were vampire? Or whatever it will be?” He started sniggering at the idea.

    “Who knows Nessie…..but I doubt my family and friends would approve of that any way.”
    “What if I said I would only love you if you let me turn you in to a half vampire?” I said trying to be difficult.
    “Are you joking? I already know you love me…” He said in a serious tone.
    “Well how do you know,” I protested “that I love you, huh?”
    “You have told me many times and on many different occasions that you love me!” he argued. I felt like arguing with him some more but gave in and stopped trying to be difficult, although I had one more thing to say “Jake, you now you are like my dad in many ways. When my mother, Bella wanted to be changed Edward, my father thought it absolutely repulsive. Now you are turning out to be just like him even though you were both once the biggest of enemies, trying not to give me what I truly want, just like he did to my mother.”

    Now that I had finally gotten that out of the way I felt more relieved.
    “Nessie, please don’t make me feel so bad!” He said grinning.
    Now his face serious in an instant. “I am not at all like Edward!” he protested.
    “Jake, what if I want you to be like me to be a bloodsucker as you would call it!”

    “Please lets not fight over this, its really stupid!” he protested.
    “I could consider it though, but if I do the time must be right, and no matter what happens I want you to stick with me through whatever happens. As long as you promise me that then I promise I will do as you say.” He said trying to please me.
    “Aw. Jacob. I love you, no matter what and yes, I do promise….That was so sweet of you!” I said in a pleasing tone.
    He kissed me on the head.
    We walked out of the house, on to the beach. He squeezed my hand in his, as if there was only this little time left between us.
    We walked down to the beachfront, and sat down in front of the water. I rested my head on his muscled chest. He hugged me.
    “Look,” he said. “It’s a full moon.”
    He turned my head with his cupped hand; he turned it in his direction. He looked into my eyes. He started to move his head forward to mine. I started blushing, as I knew what he was about to do, he was about to kiss me. His lips reached mine, his soft lips pecked mine, his head then moved down to my throat but on the way his lips brushed my jaw. He softly kissed me neck.
    “That was our first real kiss.” He whispered in my ear.
    I turned to him, put my arms around his neck and kissed him, but not just a peck this time. His soft topper lip moved against mine. It was racing. His lips pushed mine open, my tongue brushed along his bottom lip. He pulled back but I pulled him towards me again and kissed him even harder this time. He started to growl and then it hit me, it was not Jacob as a human but as a wolf. The wolf growled with a temper.

    “Jake calm down, you might hurt me!” I shrieked.
    A car came screeching, at its full speed. It was my father, Edward.
    He climbed out of the car and used his speed to get me as fast as he could. He ran over and pulled me out of the way.
    He tried to calm the wolf down. “Now, Jacob calm down. You don’t want to do to Nessie what Sam did to Emily, now do you?”
    Jacob transformed in front of our very eyes, into a human again.
    “Edward. Nessie, I am so sorry I didn’t mean to-“
    I walked up to him and put my hands on his bare chest, his body was warm. I kissed him lightly on the cheek.
    “Nessie,” my father said. “Alice had a vision of you getting cut the way Emily did, so I came to save you. Can you please tell me how on Earth Jacob ended up in wolf form?” His face a little angry.
    “Um, Dad …. We went a little too, well actually I went a little too far,” He didn’t let me finish.
    “Nessie how could you try to,” I didn’t let him finish as I knew I would blush at the word I knew was coming so I butted in.
    “Dad it was not that, I mean, I went too far with our first kiss.”
    I flushed. Edward stared in shock and amazement.
    “Uh…Aw, my little girl got her first kiss,”
    I gaped. “Dad, I’m not a little girl anymore. Please.” I protested.
    But when he looked at Jacob, he snarled.
    “Maybe, I should leave you two alone.” My father said.
    “I think that would be best, Daddy.” As I said that last word with more emphasis. He turned and headed for the car.
    Jacob wanted to ask me something.
    “Nessie, if you had to turn me into a half vampire, what if I hurt you, I mean it could be even more dangerous. What if we ever went further than that.”
    “Jake, don’t do that. You are making me nervous.” I sighed.
    “What if I like nervous girls?” he argued
    “Well then prepare to be ecstatic.”
    I kissed him, he kissed me back. It was a long, powerful and energetic kiss. I put my arms around his neck, the one hand moved to the back of his head and held on to his ruffled hair. His arm slid from my waist up to the back of my neck. I moved my head down to his chest and gave it a light kiss. I then moved it over his jaw so that my lips slid over the jaw line. He started kissing my neck. When I finally reached his ear I said
    “But I trust you.”