• When it happened, I was but the age of fourteen, and it was the year 1953, I did not mean for it to happen, But it did.

    The day this little fling started was on the coldest December day, I saw him across the street on the way to our neighborhood school. He looked over at me and I blushed, being caught looking at this mysterious person submerged in his peacoat was embarressing and my heart skipped a beat when he started to cross the street twords me, I thought he was going to confront me and ask me what i was staring at, but he simply came over to me and told me "My name is Willis..." He blushed, or was it the cold winter day? "What's yours?"

    Even though the angelic snowflakes were falling from the sky and melting on my peacoat and soaking through to cause my teeth chatter, i halted and responded "Hello Willis" I know I blushed and went on " I'm Scarlet, Would you care to walk with me?" Laughing in my head, I thought about how handsome he was.
    "Actually" Oh no the redrectin I thought "I'd love to"

    We started to walk silently across the dirt roads that led through our podunk litte town. We didn't talk the entire way, But when we got to the fork in the road that seperates the boys and girls schools he shifted his weight and got a little closer, and said "So Scarlet..." and real quick bent in and kissed me on the cheek before he scurried of to the right.

    I stood standing there for a second, then as if I was drunk, I giggled and skipped the rest of the way , while thinking of how cute Willis was.

    I waited a little it at the fork when school was over, hoping to see Willis again, But after about ten minutes I departed with a disappointed mood, When I reached my house I looked at the sub-urban home that sat in the middle of the higher-middle class. I sighed and prepared myself for the rage to come.I went up to the door and opened, Sticking my head in i did not see anyone so I entered and silently closed the door and started tip-toeing across the wood floors, but as always they screached and I cursed under my breath, "Scarlet is that you?" My mother emerged from the kitchen, she was wearing a long light blue tweed skirt with a white blouse tucked into her skirt, her round glasses complemented her round face with her hair tucked up into a high bun. She sighed "Scarlet, i swear you have no class" She came over to me and rubbed my face with a cloth she had been caring from the kitchen " Now young lady, Why are you late?"

    I told her about Willis and how we met and how he kissed mw on my cheek, She stood unemotional the entire time and when I finishes, she pucked her lips and put her hand on my face, the she reached back and slapped me across my face, I stood ther shocked, SHE HAD SLAPPED ME! A single tear washed down my face, then I exploded into a fountain of tears and ran upstairs, ran to my room, slammed the door behind me and ran to my bed where I cryed and cryed until it was late and I fell to sleep in a haze of hurt and feeling for the boy named Willis.

    To be continued...