• OutRidge Academy


    Outridge Academy, a school hidden back in the mountains of the United States. Hidden away from all the other schools and cities because it’s a rather… ‘unique’ school. What makes this school so unique you may ask? Well the answer is simple... all of the students from OutRidge Academy… are monsters. They come from many different countries all to learn how to master their special abilities. Many monsters attended this school, but this story, is going to follow two very different monsters.

    Act one: WereWolves

    Maya quickly hurried through the enormous, mid-evil looking gates of OutRidge Academy. She was a rather petite looking girl, only being 5”2’ in height and weighing barely over 100 pounds. She was dressed in a plain white shirt, blue jeans, and a large black hat that covered most of her head. Her only real distinguishing features were her bright gold eyes, and long beautiful black hair. Today was her first day and she was nervous about being late for her classes. She quickly looked down over her crumbled sheet of paper that had all of her classes listed on them, her first class seemed to be in class room 10-A. She quickly hurried through the school yard and into the shade of the massive building.
    She opened the front doors of the building and stepped inside noticing that most of the students looked human, this however, was school policy, all students were required to keep their true forms under an illusion so as to not intimate other students. She walked through the school hall ways, amazed by how much this school for monsters resembled a normal human high school. It seemed to have all the normal clicks. The larger students huddled in section that closely resembled the jocks, the outrageously thin and powdered up girls in another section that looked like the preppy girls, and so-on. Maya kept her books held tightly across her chest as she looked around at all of the students around her as she walked through the halls. Nothing else really seemed to stand out to her, the tiles on the floor were a plain grey as were the walls, the lockers were painted black, but with all the students walking around they were hard to see. Maya smiled to herself as she finally saw her homeroom.
    She walked through the doors of the room and sat down in the nearest seat. She laid her books on the desk and looked at the students to each side. To her left was one of the larger students she identified with the ‘jocks.’ To her right was a smaller looking student (In comparison to the other students) dressed with a grey hoodie pulled down over his face, the hoodies hood seemed to resemble a wolf. He wore large black cargo jeans and a belt loosely hanging off of him. She could tell that he wasn’t going to speak to her unless she tried to start the conversation, so she leaned over to him.
    “Hi, my names Maya Okinshia, what’s yours?” she smiled kindly at him.
    “..Ren Husa,” he glanced up from under his hoodies shade and she caught a glimpse of his eyes.
    Ren’s eyes glowed a deep red color, almost blood red. As soon as she met his eyes fear shot down her spine and she felt paralyzed. She couldn’t move an inch, she couldn’t even look away. His eyes slowly scanned down over her body then back up to her face. Even though Maya had no reason she could think of, she didn’t feel comfortable around him. She felt uncomfortable, her heart pounding, muscles tensing; breathe quickening, as she looked into his scarlet eyes.
    Finally he looked away from her tilting his head back down away from her. She sudden snapped back and was able to move freely again. She couldn’t help but stare at him for a moment wondering what had just happened. Ren closed his eyes sliding down in his seat groaning slightly. Maya looked at him cautiously trying to avoid making eye contact.
    The classrooms teacher walked in and began taking roll. Maya kept her eyes forward, pretending to pay attention to the teacher. Whereas Ren didn’t even try to look like he was paying attention, he slouched down into his seat more groaning under his breath. Maya was starting to get worried about him by this point, she glanced over at him and whispered, “Are you ok?” making sure to keep her eyes forward.
    “No I’m starving…” He wrapped his arms around his stomach tight.
    “D-do you want some of my sandwich?” She asked reaching down in her backpack and pulling out a sandwich in a plastic baggy.
    “Are you stupid?” he said leaning over his desk, “Don’t you know what I am?”
    She jumped a little from his sharp words, “W-well no… what are you?”
    He crossed his arms over his desk and laid his head on them, “I’m a were-wolf…”
    “Does that mean you’re not allowed to eat sandwiches?”
    He shook his head in his arms, “Do you know anything about other creatures?”
    “Well… not really…”
    “I figured… werewolves aren’t like other monsters… for us to eat we have to go out and hunt…”
    She swallowed hesitantly feeling she already knew the answer, “WH-what do you hunt?”
    He sighed and shook his head, “Do you know what a vampire is?”
    Maya thought about it for a second then answered, “Well aren’t Vampires monsters that are supposed to go out at night and bite humans or animals then drink their blood?”
    “Eh… close enough… You could consider us werewolves the vampires of monsters…”
    He eyes widened in horror, “Y-you… you mean…?”
    “That’s right… After class, I’m going hunting for another monster to eat…”

    Maya sat in shook trying to absorb what Ren had just told her. ‘Eat another monster?!’ she thought in her head. ‘That’s unreal.’ The teacher was getting ready to end the class. Maya was getting more worried by the second. “D-do you see anyone that looks…” She swallowed hesitantly, “…tasty?”
    Ren perked up a little and looked around the room, “It would have to be someone slow, someone who couldn’t fight well, someone I could finish quickly…”
    Ren sat up straight in his seat seeming to have found what he was looking for, “There… I’ve found my prey…” he looked at Maya now, “would you care to come with me?”
    Maya wanted to say no right away, werewolves however, were rare to see. Even someone like her, who didn’t know anything about monsters, knew this. She couldn’t pass up a chance to see one in action so she agreed as the teacher dismissed class.

    Chapter two: Hunting

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