Chapter One: Flashbacks
    It was the middle of what looked to be worse than World War 1. My name is Kinya, I am 17 years old. My family and I are in the middle of a war between warlocks, witches, humans, and us, the vampires. My brother is 20, Terass is his name. He joined the war at age 12 supporting my family and I. My sister is named Venus. She is the youngest, only a young 15. Her proffesion is healing. She helps in the battlefield. My mother and father have been married 17 years. My mother's name is Zenon. She helps my sister heal wounded soldiers. My father is Reminos the third. He is out in the battlefield along with me and my brother. We're the strongest group of vampires. We have pet dragons. My sister's dragon is named Trogger. He is a crimson red Platono dragon, one of the smallest breeds. My brothers girl dragon Mostum she is a dark blue Faminis dragon, one of the biggest breeds. My own dragon died my first year at war. His name was Pagavore. A lime green Faminis dragon.


    We were soaring through the sky one day. We were in the middle of a battle with the witches and warlocks. He was shooting fireballs and I was making sure no brooms flew by. Most warlocks were at battle, while most witches were inside cooking and cleaning and healing. Their numbers were incredibly low. I thought they would surrendor soon, but they had one last trick up their sleeve, the Alpha Squad. 7 witches came up behind us on brooms with wands ready in their hands. BAM! One of them shot green lightning at my wonderful dragon before I knew it we were soaring towards the ground before I could even scream. I thought I would die no doubt, but Pagavore landed on his stomachforcing me to roll off him. I cried but knew I would be dead soon if i didn't run, so I took off as fast as my legs would carry me. Crying the whole way.

    *********(end of flashback)********

    "Kinya they need you at battle!" my mother called.

    "Of course mother be right there." I replied, grabbing my soward on my way out. "Bye mom."

    "Be careful sweety." she said while sqeezing my shoulders.

    "I will. I give you my word." I told her honestly. I ran outside holding my soward in my hand praying hard to god that we survived this surprise attack. Right now we were finishing off the battle with the witchesand warlocks. Our numbers had dropped, but not by much. I hoped it stayed that way. I came across a soldier in need,his eyes pleaded with me to help him. I gripped my soward and sung at the little thing. It let out a yelp as Ilunged again, this time toward his heart.

    "Thank you young one!" he called out as he ran off.

    "No problem." I said to low for him to hear. I went to go in for another kill but this time he heard me, he swung around at put his dagger to my throat.

    "Don't take one more step little lady, if you don't want to die that is." The little rat replied.

    "Wouldn't dream of it." I replied letting the scarcasm flow in my voice. I kicked the dagger up in the air, jumped to get, then stabbed the thing in the heart.

    "Sorry." I whispered. I let a tear escape my eye. I hated killing but I had to remember, it was for my country. I would do anything for my people. Anything.