• Story Three: Part One
    Answers and Questions…

    "Demons!?" I asked in surprise.
    "Well not exactly. They aren’t real demons but humans with advanced body structure." Sorro said with a look of pride on his face. "You see there is this virus that they inject themselves with. The way the virus works is the virus eats away at the muscle tissue but as it eats it produces more muscle that is stronger. But there is a draw back."
    "What?" I said listening intently.
    "After the virus eats the tissue the host will slowly loose control of his or her muscles that the virus has eaten. The virus will move throughout the whole body until finally reaching the brain and then eats it."
    "So they don't control what they do?"
    "Well up until the virus reaches the brain you have control but once the virus eats the brain it takes control of it piece by piece until they have ultimate control."
    I was silent as I took all of this in.
    This doesn’t make sense! It feels like a dream! How can there be a virus that does that? I asked to myself. This cant be real.
    "Any other questions?"
    I was silent for another moment then said, "Why did you people save me? Why me and not the others that were captured?"
    Sorro sat there looking at me then said, "Well first off we saved you because they need you for their plan and second we didn’t just save you your friends are here."
    "What Miku and Sanji are here?!" I asked hopeful.
    "Yeah, of course. They need them too."
    "Wait why do they need us? What are they gonna use us for?"
    "You know those 'dreams' you have been having? Well they aren’t dreams. You can see what is happening to others anywhere around the world. But not only that they believe that it is the cure to the virus' effects. You my friend have the virus in you."
    "What?! How long has it been there?!"
    "That’s the thing we don’t know whether you have had it from birth or if you have grown it in your body some how. They want to find out how it got in you and why you haven’t had any affects on you."
    "So your saying that I'm immune to this virus?"
    "Yeah pretty much."
    "Why do they want the others too?"
    "They believe that they are immune too."
    "Do they have the dreams that I have?"
    "No the virus has acted differently in you. That’s why you are so important."
    We sat there in silence. So many things were going through my head but the thing I noticed most was how much I wanted my family.
    "Alright that’s enough questions." Sorro said. "We need to debrief you."
    So from there I told him everything that had happened from the first dream that night to the time where I was rescued in the woods.

    After I was debriefed two guards took me to a small room where Sanji and Miku were sitting. I walked in silent and sat in one of the three beds in the room.
    "Where did you go?" Sanji said.
    "What?" I asked.
    "The plan? You were supposed to meet us?" He said with a hint of anger in his voice.
    "I was being chased by those guys that captured us! Did you want me to go still meet you and let them get us again?"
    Sanji was silent. We stood there glaring at each other waiting for one of us to break the silence.
    "Well we are here now and that’s what matters." Miku said. We stood looking at each other for another moment than I turned away and looked at Miku. She had dirt on her face and her clothes were torn.
    "Well we should all probably get some sleep." She said.
    "Yeah." I said quietly laying down on the bed. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted into sleep.

    "Looks like they interrupted again." The big man with the sword said. He was in a small room with a big wooden table with a few others sitting in chairs around the table.
    "They must have helped with their escape from the camp." One of the others said.
    "No, they didn't. The kids did that themselves. But they did kill quite a few of our brothers when they were rescuing the kids."
    "How did the kids escape by themselves?" Another one asked.
    "Its the Torro boy. His father must have given him a little bit of his intelligence." The big man with the sword replied.
    "His father was troublesome." Another said. "Had a soft spot for his kid though. Otherwise he would have been a great host for the virus."
    "Well he new to much about us. He had to be eliminated." The big one said again. "But that is old business. We need to get the kids back. So right now the top priority is that we find the base the kids are at and get them back. Meeting adjourned."

    I woke slowly from the dream and sat up. I looked around and looked at Sanji Torro. He was asleep in his bed.
    Well you sure do have an interesting past, Sanji.