• tab tab tab tab tab tab ~War of the Ancients~
    tab tab tab tab tab tab tab tab Chapter 2

    tab Raiza pushed himself from the rocks. He glanced at Hurricane, and then up at Deity. He lifted his sword with ease,despite his injuries. He sailed high into the air. he swung his sword in a fan the wind picking up.Raiza cringed slightly in pain. Parts of his Thick skin were completely gone, other ripped open wide leaving his green stone like skin a red mess. He stopped his sword as he pointed it to Deity, a twister came whirling out of the tip of his sword.

    tab Deity stomped on he ground sending a stream of fire to the twister.Deity tried to jolt out of the way as his flames only lit the twister aflame. Deity wasn't fast enough though.He was caught by the winds on his hind legs and tail, he howled in pain and thudded to the ground jerking in anger.He rose slowly launching another barrage of Flames towards Raiza.

    tab Raiza brought his sword up dismissing the flame as it struck. He did a quick swirl with his sword, Raiza spun his sword in another fan motion, Chunks of Earth, and sand were flung towards Deity.

    tab Hurricane's eyes snapped open. He shot towards deity and shifted his feet as he stopped creating a wall of earth blocking the wind and it's debris. Hurricane looked over his shoulder to Deity. He shot a glare at Deity. "Retreat , You are too young to die today Deity, Go and I will hold him here long enough for you to reach your domain." He said in an Ancient tongue.

    tab Deity started to protest, but saw the agony in Hurricane's eyes. He nodded letting out a final stream of fire to Raiza as he flew off the battlefield.

    tab Raiza side stepped the flames as they approached releasing his wind and then immediately launching the attack again.Raiza's sight grew blurry as the time passed in the stalemate with Hurricane. His energy was running glow ,Hurricane had know this would happen .

    tab Hurricane stood shakily the cycle of renewing his walls strength in the directions Raiza was switching too was exhausting his supply.He need a way out of the battle and fast.He saw no other way out of the battlefield except death or tunneling. He had no desire to have this day hold his death eternal,And he hadn't the strength to provide a tunnel to shelter himself in. Hurricane took one final look at the sky before collapsing to the ground his walls crumbling over top of him. Hurricane saw a small ray of light breaking through the rocks. He swallowed his breathing so that no movement would disturb the rocks upon him.

    tab Raiza lowered himself gently to the ground. he walked slowly around the rubble. He stood and smirked under his over grown Armored skin. "So the mighty guardian of the earth has fallen at long last...leaving his dear brothers to maintain balance in the pathetic world..."Raiza turned and walked away.

    tab Hurricane smiled under the rubble after a few hours had passed."He had just cheated death.

    tab tab tab tab tab tab tab End of Chapter 2