• My name is Haven, Haven Aura, and I didn't want to be born. My birth has brought nothing but pain. Since I was born, my father left, my mother died of heart failure at an early age, father dearest showed up again only to tell me the worst thing possible, and I am now the only thing that is standing in the way of all things evil.

    And I'm only 17.

    Luckily, no one else knows about any of this. Not long after my father told me that I was "gifted", he was burned alive. The cops said it was an accident. I have my own suspicions however. No one will ever believe me though.

    Recently, I was transported to a psychiatric ward until my foster parents could take me in. As a witch, my powers allowed me to be empathetic to an extreme. I was always open to anyone and everyone around me. Spirits would speak to me constantly. Along with the fact that I had the "standard" witch powers.

    The foster folks were worried. I would talk to myself (really trying to get the voices to shut the hell up) but I couldn't tell anyone about that. They wanted to make sure I was "okay" enough to settle in. How cute....

    Not a day would go by that I wanted to just give up. My only solace seemed to be the music on my Mp3, and even that sometimes didn't do the job.

    I longed for peace. And I knew that my parents had gotten out easy. I begged every day for that moment to come so I could get out. It never did.

    I was doomed to a life without rest or peace. I knew that I should just accept that... but I couldn't.

    School was torture in it's own way. Not only was it prison, but it was a place I was nonexistent. If I tried to, it would ruin me. One girl took pity on me and sat with me at lunch. Eventually, I went with her to the goth table from whence she came. Not long after that, I simply gave up and joined her crowd. If I was a witch, I might as well dress like it.

    One day, everyone was whispering about a new kid. It wasn't often that new people came here, so it was obviously big news. From what I heard, the new kid was gorgeous with ultra-blue eyes. I shook my head and walked down the hall, ready to get out of here. The hell that school brought into my mind was almost unbearable.

    A crowd blocked my way suddenly, and I nearly screamed in frustration. I had to get out of here. I dodged around the crowd of jocks and preps only to be pushed into someone. The force caused me to fall and drop my bag, my books and papers covering the floor. I was tempted to leave them there, yet I sighed and bent down to pick them up.

    I blinked and looked around. At least half of my things weren't there. What the... I thought as I glanced around again. I shook my head and gathered up the last of my things, cramming everything into my bag. Suddenly a hand extended in front of me. It held the other half of my books and papers. I couldn't stop my gaze from trailing up the hand, the arm, and to the face.

    My emerald eyes met his ultra-blue ones for what seemed like forever. And I knew that my life would never be the same again.