Its been so long since I’ve been able to sleep peacefully. I just left the bar, wasted and can barely concentrate on my footing and staggering to my car.
    I make it home ok in one piece barley remembering how I made it home. I sit on my couch feeling like a piece of crap, turning on the TV to watch whatever’s on at 11 at night. I pass out an hour later.
    I wake up later the next day with a bad hang over, get off the couch to go get an aspirin from the kitchen, then go change cloths.
    I came in to work the 30 minutes later I sit in mt office and look at the new cases at were investigated recently with new updates on the jigsaw murders, a couple of people were found dead in an abandon house just out side the city, the bodies had what seemed to be puzzle shaped
    sections of shin cut of the bodies.

    Its been debated that he never really killed any one but that the person behind the murders are setting up the victims to either kill them selves or kill each other off one that a time.
    But when it comes down to it all I can think about is my sister, the last thing I remember of her is after I was granted an award from the police academy and helping her in to her new apartment.
    But the last time I last saw her was in her apartment in her bed her body laying on her back head and the lower part of her body slouched over up side down, blood stain lines run of out her mouth, lifeless cold tear stained eyes stare in to the ceiling.
    But when I saw it was her, I broke down fell to the floor and healed her hand and cried thinking, “she was my only family!!”
    Then at the trial, turns out my sisters murder was her boyfriend she was with at the time.
    I felt inferred to let a scum bag like him even live with her. Then when the trial, what should have been a life sentence was reduced to 5 years in prison due to technicality. Its not fair to see him walk away from prison almost drove me to hell.
    Now he’s out in the streets, but not for long…