• Chapter2
    School was fast, one of my faster days, for it was Friday. Though I do not mind, I was full of joy to see my lovely mother again;to smell the strawberry scent of her blonde, waist long hair. The softness of her bronze skin and see the sparkle in her beautiful hazel eyes. I was home.I was lucky to have her beautiful hair and angel like face as my own.

    When I saw my mother, a wave of shock went through me. My mother was dressed in tight dark blue jeans, black heels and a purple blouse. Her hair twisted together in a ponytail with a moon stone barrett on the side. I could tell I wore that expression on my face after her say to me. "Hello my sweetling, your mom is so happy to see you! I have a date tonight, and I'll be in late. I hope that doesn't upset you, does it?" She said through her ruby red lips.
    "No, I don't mind at all. I hope you will have a great time tonight." I said lovingly. I went over and hugged her tightly and gave her a small kiss.
    "Well okay then, I'll be leaving now. I have pasta for you in the fridge. Heat it up around dinner time, okay? You can play on the computer and since its Friday you can stay up late. Ella's been missing you aswell. Maybe play with her..." she carried on.
    I listened to every one of her instructions. Unlike I do with my dad. I forgot about Ella though, my ferrett.
    After my mom left me here, I ran to my room to get Ella. Her petite peach paws on the cage, cherry red eyes full of wonder and hope. "Oh yes my baby! Mommy's home for the weekend with you! How have you been my baby?" I cooed to her.
    I held her in my arms, rocking her to sleep. Such a baby doll, what a darling...