• Melody, my best friend signaled for me to take one of my ear buds out then she looked up at the board, I followed her gaze

    test on monday ... I would study if I were you

    I looked back at her face and nodded slightly.
    I grabbed my books... three... two... one... and theres the bell.
    Melody jumped up and hopped out like a rabbit I followed more like an inchworm but there was a hand on my shoulder, I turned to see Ms. Gonzalez.
    I slipped my hand into my pocket and paused my Ipod then I looked up at her face expectantly
    "I saw that you fell asleep you really should sleep at home"
    "I do"
    "not enough obviously"
    I sighed "okay I promise to sleep a full 12 hours this weekend"
    she nodded "and study right?"
    I nodded, ducked under the hand that rested on my shoulder and inched out of spanish.
    Melody smiled "she see you sleeping again?"
    "It really isnt a wonder why she isnt hitched."
    "is your dad home today?"
    "Are you going to do anything?"
    "What are you going to do?"
    "Eat together."
    "That isnt special!"
    "Yeah. and?"
    "He's been gone for weeks, you should do something special."
    "It's kinda special."
    "How? I eat with my dad all the time"
    "Normally he eats in his office when he's home"
    "Kade. no offense but your dad is an a**"
    "Sorry but he's a big fat stinking JERK"
    "No he isnt"
    "Yes he is! ever since your mother, may she rest in peace, left this world he has completly disconnected with you"
    "Who says we want to be connected?"
    She sighed "whatever Kade"
    This was where we sepereated for different classes.
    I walked into English as screamo blocked out the annoyingly high voice of Mrs. Kally

    ...At Home...
    I slid off my back pack kicked off my shoes and made Mac and cheese for dinner tonight.
    I wrote in my journal for hours with Snickers, my cat sleeping lazily on my lap I started to doze,
    when my dad came through the door
    ...later at dinner...
    I half smiled I felt so empty with no Ipod our house was REALLY quiet
    "so..." I said hoping he would pick up where I left off
    he did just the oppisite "So..."
    "did you like dinner?" i asked for coversations sake
    "yeah it was great..."
    "i made it my self not even out of a box."
    "I loved it."
    "thanks dad."
    "dad are you okay you seem a little out of it..."
    "Kade I- I think i'm in love"
    "Uh like with who??? are you pshyco we are fine in love or not I-I just dont get it." I burst into tears