• “No,” she whispered to them. “You can’t take me. You just can’t. Nobody deserves to die like this.” She stuttered a little louder.
    The soul’s blank look told her nothing. “I don’t have any other choice.”
    She looked at him in disgust. “You do have a choice. But you took the easy way out.” The soul’s blank stare turned into a frown.
    “Get this worthless piece of waste out of my sight. And get me an ice pack, too. This thing is giving me a headache.”
    The souls dragged her limp body out of the room and into the hall that stretched a way down. They dumped her into a cell with only a tiny ray of sunlight that shone through like a ray of hope. It was the only thing that lit up the cell as they threw her on the cold, hard pavement headfirst.
    “You stay there, or else you’ll die a painful death. And we want to keep you around as a pet,” one of the hovering spirits said. The young girl felt like ripping their heads off, but knew that they were just an illusion. She wasn’t really in a cold, damp, moldy cell. She was really in her bedroom in the foster peoples place. The only people she hated in the whole entire universe, and she knew that they hated her with a passion, one so deep, it could not be any more noticeable.
    But, the real question was, could she remember her own name??? It had escaped her lips since she had been kidnapped from her own room. “You won’t take away my soul, will you?” The girl asks frightened. “Please tell me you won’t.”
    “I’m so sorry, child, but I have no other choice. I can’t change the Master’s mind. He would destroy me. And then you wouldn’t have anybody to talk to. Besides, it doesn’t hurt, not at all.” To the girl, it sounded like the sprit was trying to comfort it’s self more than her.
    “But I thought we were friends… You lied to me!!!! How could you??? After all I have done for you, you still betrayed me!?!
    “I knew you would understand, kiddo. And about now I would be on my way…” He made a dash for the exit. Yet I knew he wouldn’t get far…………