• I stood frozen in the middle of a barren field, my eyes fixed on the formation of vampires. What are they gathered around? I thought. I took a step closer not knowing if they could hear my quiet, steady steps across the ground. I took another, peering around a stronger looking vampire. As i looked over his shoulder I could see a scared little boy sitting on top of what looked like a mound of dirt.
    "We should attack as soon as we can Aro!" one of the vampires said.
    "Yes, get this stupid, pointless war over with" another added.
    They all huddled in a bit closer. At that point in time I just had to protect that little boy, I had no other choice! I pushed and shoved my way through the circle of cold, hard vampires and ran to stand infront of the scared boy in a deffensive position. I turned around to ask the boy his name, as I did so I could clearly see what he was sitting on...It was my family and friends, on the top of the pile were Angela and Ben, followed by my mum Renee and dad Charlie. What was this child? I couldn't be bothered to ask his name now, I was to afraid of the fast approaching (non-vegetarian) vampires. That didn't matter though, I had no other choice but to save this stranger child. They were now only a metre away, my heart was pulsing at a million miles per hour. One of them suddenly lurched into the air, landing right infront of me,teeth bearing, he grabed my neck and went in for a bite...

    ...I was awoken then by a cold hand on my head.
    "Bella? Bella?! Honey are you alright? Your were squirming and yelling in your sleep." Edward said worrily.
    "I'm fine, I had that same dream again."I reassured him.
    "The one about the little child?" He asked
    "Yeah, but more intense this time." I replied.
    I streched my body out, reaching up to touch his smooth face, but he wasn't in the mood. I could definetly see that.
    "How much trouble am I in?" I asked
    "Heaps" he replied.
    "I seem to be injury-free..."I said.
    "I couldn't say that about your, er, nightgown." He said looking to the end of the bed, where the lace ripped from the side of my nightgown lay. "Shame, I liked that one.
    "So did I." I said "were there any other casualties?"
    "Well i think I owe Esme a new bed" He said looking over his shoulder. I followed his gaze to see that massive chunks had been ripped out of the headboard.
    "hmm, thought I would've heard that." I said
    "You seem to be very un-obbservent when your attention is otherwise involved" he said, making me blush a little...