• Short story!!

    Sitting on my bed in my room, gazing dreamily out the window into the midnight moon. The stars twinkling made me feel reasured, like no-one could hurt me. But that had changed. The door creaked open, slowly. Seeing a dark figure walk across the room to my bed, he pulled out something sharp. I only knew that because of the kashing sound when metal is pulled from plastic.
    Seeing him get closer I hid my head under the blankets, waiting for the pain to come when he cut me. I let out a blood curdling scream but I realized, I felt no pain, only mental. I felt the blood, dripping. I knew my skin had been torn because my nerves tingled. But I didn't feel anything else. Lifting my head from the blankets I searched for the mysterious man, but he was nowhere to be seen.
    I looked at my arm, blood pouring out.
    I opened my eyes wide and grabbed a bandage and some cleaning things so it didn't get infected.
    After that I looked at her hair, seeing blood matted through it I washed it all out and looked at my bed sheets, seeing blood all on it.
    I gazed back out the window, the stars gone and the moon slowly fading as dawn was near, wondering if the mysterious man would come again the next night.