• Chapter Six:

    “Well, is it true? Is it?” the figure that says its name’s Haven asked again, stepping closer, “You five are the chosen ones?”
    I looked back at everyone, they nodded at me, I turned to this Haven person, “Yes. Yes it is true. We are the chosen ones. Why does it matter to you?”
    I then saw what Haven looked like. She had shoulder length brown wavy hair, very fair skin, and jewel green eyes. She was wearing a black t-shirt, jean shorts, and ankle boots. She had a messenger bag on, and a black wooden bead bracelet on her right wrist. Her hands were together, as if she would get to her knees and beg us for something.
    Haven stepped in front of me, “It matters because you are supposed to protect us.” She put her hair behind her ears. Her ears were, pointed! She had fricken elf ears!
    “By the looks of your shocked faces, I guess you can tell I’m not human,” Haven said, “I’m half human, half elf.”
    “Wow,” I muttered, “It’s nice to meet you Haven. I guess we should introduce ourselves. My name is Shay. This is Marlo, Tahlia, Sami, and Toby.” Everyone said their hellos.
    Haven smiled, “You know I’m glad to see you, so come with me, I need to take you to my home.” We began following her, “My parents, you see,” Haven began to explain, “are the heads of the woods, it’s surprising since my father is human. But, Mom decided that Dad could handle it too. So, yeah. I hope I didn’t freak you guys out when I popped out of nowhere.” She smiled, “I was first shocked that you were the chosen ones, this is the youngest group ever. They are usually adults, but hey, kids rules.” She shot her fist in the air, “I hope I’m not being too weird.”
    “You’re fine,” I smiled back.
    “Besides the fact you’re an elf,” Toby shot his hands in his pockets. Haven looked at him, I sighed.
    “He’s mad, I drenched him with water.” I told Haven.
    Haven looked back at me, “So I’m guessing he’s fire, and you’re water. What about the other three?”
    “Marlo’s earth, Tahlia’s lightning, and Sami’s wind.” I said, Haven smiled.
    Haven shuffled through her bag, “I have to tell Mom I’m coming home with you guys.” I guess she thought we didn’t like being called the chosen ones. She pulled out a crystal ball about the size of a softball. She murmured something, and the inside of the crystal ball looked like a TV channel that was broken, fuzz.
    “She must have forgotten her ball,” she said, putting the crystal ball in her bag, “we can surprise them.” She smiled and continued walking.
    Today, so much has happened already. We tested out our powers, and we met a real elf! An actual elf! Now we’re meeting the head of the woods. I sighed, God, this can’t be real. I looked at Haven, I liked her. She seems nice, even though I probably have known her an hour. Sigh, I wonder how long we’ve been out here. Well, we left Friday; maybe Haven knows what day it is.
    “Hey, Haven,” I said, “Do you know what day it is?” Haven looked back at me.
    “Oh, yeah, it’s Saturday,” Haven answered, “Why do you ask?”
    I shrugged, “We left Friday, and well, in two weeks we have to go home.” I explained to her how our parents were on a two week business trip and how we originally thought to camp out in the woods and find Johnny.
    Haven laughed, “You’ll probably be here longer than two weeks, but I don’t think your parents will mind.” I looked at her funny, “Yeah, they already know that you’re the chosen ones.”
    Everyone stopped in their tracks and looked at Haven. It grew silent.
    “What do you mean by that?” Marlo asked.
    Haven looked at all of us, “Um, well, the first night that your family brings you home from the hospital, members of a special council visit your house, and explains about the prophecy and how you’re the chosen ones. But, they don’t take you away, they let you live a normal life until you are needed, which usually is when you’re an adult. But something bad must had happen.”
    Maybe this had something to do with what Ms. Jacklen saw. What she said still rang in my ears and gave me chills.
    Toby looked over at me, “Shay, you ok?” I heard him ask, but I couldn’t answer. I felt weird, sick actually.
    I felt my knees buckle, then I fell to the ground. I tried to breathe, but I couldn’t. Maybe I was dying, no it can’t be, I can’t die right after getting these powers. I must be really sick….I have to be. Then, Everything went blank.