• He walked down the darkened street, quickening his pace as he saw the winged beings littered around. He hated this part of the city, the cold and eerie alleyways, but he had to find his sister. He had promised her, and she was all he had left.

    The sun was setting, submerging the city in tones of amber and red, but the sunset held no beauty for him. There were more of them around at night. Eager to get somewhere safe, he started to run.

    'Hey' a voice called, and he turned around to see a figure with long, silky black hair, fiery dark eyes and red wings with black veining, which contrasted with her pale skin. 'Yes you, faerie boy.' she continued.

    'I'm not a faerie' he told her in a steely voice, which held a silent threat for her to leave him alone.

    'Absolutely sure?' she asked.

    'I'm not a piece of scum faerie like my father.' he spat, walking up to her as the other faeries in the street bristled and whispered menacingly amongst themselves.

    'Your father's a faerie, that makes you at least a half-fey.' she told him, amused. He growled. 'Feisty.' she teased. 'I'm Letitha.'

    'Kristian.' he said holding his hand out to her. He silently cursed himself for telling herself, but he couldn't take it back now.

    'You don't like faeries do you?' She asked.

    'No, isn't it obvious?' he replied.

    'I'm wondering, what 's your mother's name?'

    'She's dead, drug overdose, but don't be sorry, her name was Kaylie Holly. Why?' he told her. She didn't reply and started tapping keys on a small PDA she had pulled out of her jeans.

    'Kaylie Holly. Daughter of Edward and Annie Holly?'

    'Yes, why?'

    'Annie Green - that's Annie Holly's maiden name - was a faerie.'


    'Your mother was a half fey.'

    So?' He asked, but he looked surprised.

    'That makes you more faerie than human, Kristian.'

    'So what, I still hate faeries. Leave me alone so I can find my sister.'