• "Alright elves, work there and you two work here!" I yelled pointing to a group of elves. Santa Claus walked up to me. "Things are good here Janet," he said. "Maybe I could let you be a Santa Claus on Christmas." "You mean like, promoted?" I asked shocked. "Hey, you there, fix that toy car," I said to an elf hearing about our conversation. "Sorry," I said. "Where were you again?" I asked. "Oh yeah, me being the Santa Claus on Christmas," I said. "That's right," Santa said. "But how will I do it?" I asked. "All you have to do is believe in magic," he said. "Believe in magic, believe in magic, just believe... in magic."

    "Ahh!" I yelled as my alarm clock went on. I pressed the off button. "Stupid Rachel for her stupid Christmas movies she watches every day!" I yelled, going back to sleep. "Janet! Wake up!" my mother called downstairs. "Ugggh!" I groaned. I'm on vacation! Why do I have to wake up early at seven then? I didn't listen to my mom. I went back to sleep. "Janet!" my mother yelled after five minutes. I put two pillows on my ears. "Janet!!!!!!!!" my mother yelled even louder. "Rachel, wake big sis up," I kind of heard my mother say. Just then I heard foot steps coming up and to my bedroom. Rachel came in, all dressed. She stood in front of my bed. I could already smell her toothpaste. I took a quick sniff to see if she used mines or not. Strawberry Supers. Nope not Minty Min's. "I will not wake up," I said to Rachel, burying my face on a pillow. "And you can't get me with your silly little trick of splashing me with water from your hands," I added. "Fine then," Rachel said in her big baby voice. She walked out of my room. A few seconds later, I heard water coming from next door. Was she ever going to give up? A minute later, Rachel came back, hiding something behind her. "Oh Janet," she sang. I didn't bother looking up, even though I almost ran out of breath. Before I knew it, Rachel splashed a cup of water on my head! It dripped down my hair and onto my neck. My mouth opened as I got up. "Okay!" I cried. "I'm up." I got up and started getting dressed.

    I walked downstairs, and into the kitchen. I sat down at the kitchen table. I drank my orange juice. "What did you dream last night girls?" my mom asked us. "I dreamed about riding on a unicorn," Rachel said. I spitted out orange juice that hit a little of Rachel's face. I laughed at how crazy that was! "Well then what was your dream?" Rachel asked me as mom handed her a towel. "All thanks to your stupid Christmas movies, I had a crazy dream about Santa Claus," I said, eating my toast. "You saw Santa Claus in your dreams?!" Rachel asked-yelled. I covered my ears. "It was just a dream Rachel," I said. "But Santa Claus is real, right mom?" Rachel asked looking over at mom. "I don't know sweetheart," she said. "But I do," I said. "Look, Rachel, I know you are a true Santa believer, but I'm only going to say this once, Santa Claus isn't real." I bit the last peice of my toast. "You're a lyer," Rachel said. "Santa is real!" "You're just a kid," I said. "You don't know what reality is." "Yes I do!" Rachel yelled. "And I saw that Santa is real. He goes out everynight and leaves presents early at midnight. You won't know since you don't stay awake." "Rachel," I said. "I sleep at midnight when mom and dad's already asleep," I whispered the last part. "But not downstairs!" Rachel yelled, folding her arms on her chest. "Santa claus is real! You just don't believe it!" She stomped her foot on the ground. "Rachel!" My mother yelled. "Behave yourself!" I stood up, ready to put my empty dish and cup on the sink. "NO!" Rachel yelled, holding back a tear. "JANET!" mom yelled to me. "It's not my fault!" I shouted as I reached halfway to the sink. "I just told her that Santa Claus is not real!!!!!" I yelled, stomping my foot. The dish and cup accidently fell off of my hands and broke on the floor! "JANET!" mom yelled again running towards the glass and broken peices. She bent down to pick them up. "UGH!" I yelled and stormed upstairs and into my room.