• I was slowly but surely getting crushed by nothing, it kept getting and getting more pressure into it, even when I shouted "STOP!" countless times with tears falling off my face, but it wouldn't, by the time I heard a loud "CRACK!"-

    I woke up. The alarm was sounding off, the signal for another odd case. That was my cue to get up since I'm in the Intellegence Department, who nobody aknowledges. I ignored the east wall of my room trying to put all of the misery behind me as I began to run down the corridors towards my station. Yura confronted me "Running a little to quick don'cha think? It isn't going to be the end of the world if you're a little late, take a break for once." she said. I glared at her "Perhaps you forgot I'm the leader of my division? I'm also pretty sure that you'll get punished if you don't go straight to work." I replied. Yura sighed "Ah, foolish, foolish partner, I'm not going to get hurt for missing some minutes, after all, the boss loves me. It's like I'm in control after all." she stated. I shook my head "Define 'love'." I said with a wry smile.

    Before Yura was able to retort, Kere walked up behind me "Ah, you must be getting along" he said with the timid smile that drives others in the agency crazy "My name is Kere, uh, is it too much to ask for your's?" I walked by them and muttered my name, but he most likely didn't hear me. It would be better for them to be alone anyway, knowing their relationship. I made it to my workstation in time and began starting a search. It felt elating, not having to think about the dark thoughts that hover over me constantly.

    "...He didn't tell us his name, I suppose he still doesn't like us.." Kere sighed "It's like he shuts his soul to the world, he won't talk to anyone who tries to cheer him up, and because of that people already have an annoying idea of who he is. I'm sure he's not that bad though.." Yura looked at Kere and smiled "He's not at all bad. You know that check we have to do once every year to make sure that the members don't have any plans/weapons against the agency?-" Yura laughed "His room was filled with manga books, game cd's and videogames EVERYWHERE!"

    Kere and Yura both were laughing. "Alright, at the end of this day, were forcin' the guy to have a good time!" stated Yura

    The workers in my division kept walking up to me asking for some assistance. They walked up to me one by one for about 4 hours of searching until I couldn't take it anymore and took hold of a computer. Once again all the others stopped their own work and observed how I manage to find the most confusing things out..Don't belive me? They can tell you all of the cases. Once there was a letter sent to us threatining to call upon thunder and cause multiple storms to panic the city. They left no evidence. other than the envelope

    I found them.

    Hackers were using cutting edge technology that is illegal and unknown to ANYBODY, even us, around this world. They succsesfully screwed our brand new systems, the agency was sent into confusion and talking amongst themselves finding a plan, and when they looked at me, who solved over 40 cases by myself at the time, they were flabbergasted. There, on my screen, the only one on, was the control for the powergrid on the hackers computer.

    That was solved.

    But I suppose 2 scenarios are enough for now. As I checked the letter and worked out the only computer in this room that the other members don't understand, I found out what was exactly going on. I turned around and found our boss in the crowd behind me as well "Well?" she said. My tone didn't change this time "Well what type of people have we been getting the last few months Mari?" Mari put her hand on her head "Oh god....another one?" she questioned "Yep. another one of those people who just want money to the point of intimidating us, but won't really do it. Chances are he'll be like the last guy who will attempt to commit suicide if he dosent get what he wants. These people are getting on my nerves.." I resisted cussing in front of my subordinates.

    Mari sighed "Well that's that. I'll have to do something about these idiots soon enough or this'll never end." she began to walk off then stopped "Hey, Lune, can you give me some of your time to talk about something?" I got up "Yep." I answered. She wasn't walking towards her office, wonder what's going on...

    Mari opened a door to a basement level for storage and walked up to this woman. When she turned around, I realized it was Yura "Alright Mari, WHY is that cheap idiot here?" she stated "I thought you promised to keep THAT matter about me a secret from these guys right Mar?" I knew something was up with Yura this whole time, she was never in the uniform we wear, and she always got away with anything she did. Must be some sort of threat. "I know, I know...but his computer that only he can use has all the locations of these guys and probly their little buds, so we nee-" Yura answered fast "That's not a good enough reason Mari! Give me a reason that would practicly ENDANGER THE WORLD if he didn't know!" Of course I seemed to be the third wheel in this argument, so I didn't join in as puzzled as I was.

    Mari sighed ".....He's very smart, so he might help you in many ways on your missions.." Yura glared at her "Mari, you know that I know that I don't need any smart alek for any missions I might face, and-" Yura glanced at me ".....Hey Mari, y'now the Ithil language right? Lets speak using that now..." Damn, of all the things I'm good at, history isn't one. I'm quite surprised though that Yura of all people knows it, and seems to be speaking it very smoothly. I wonder what's so secret, perhaps something like a favorite manga or something..but then knowing my facade I wouldn't be here. Mari apparently gave in "..Fine. Lune, sorry for interupting you like this, but it's only a false alarm.." figures. "Yep. Your just not special enough dude." said Yura, smiling smartly "Consider this payback from that smart remark earlier." She looked at Mari "2 days right?" Mari nodded "Yes." Yura started to leave "Well that's perfect. Got enough time even today for a little celebration." she remarked.