• I looked at the "goddess". She looked more like someone you'd see in a freaky rock band. I frowned. Okay, I was officially weirded out. First that Aphro-dummy chick, now Eris. What was next? A god of ******** sex?!
    Eris looked me up and down. She smiled as she put the unlit cigarrette in her mouth. Her teeth were surprisingly white.
    "So you're what's giving Aphro-titty so much of a headache. Rather impressive. And the fact that you have Amazon blood really helps. She hates Amazons. Says that their just a bunch of bitter hags in armor. I personally find them rather amusing." she chuckled with a black-lipped smile.
    "What do you mean I have Amazon blood? And how do you know about me ticking off Aphro-dummy?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. I placed my hand in my pockets. I didn't have a lighter because I didn't smoke.
    Eris smiled and got out her own lighter. It was shiny and blue with her name on it in yellow rinestones. She lit the cigarrette and green and orange smoke began to emanate from the burning tip.
    "Because you're not an ordinary girl. Most girls couldn't punch a guy like you did that far. Only an Amazon or an immortal could do that. And you, my friend, are not an immortal. Therefore, you have Amazon blood. As for knowing about you and Aphro-titty, what god doesn't know? She's been screeching her anger all over Mt. Olympus. Guess she's too dumb to remember that she can magically heal herself. Congrats on that nose job you gave her by the way. You must have broken it in three different areas." she explained with a laugh. She was obviously very happy.
    "Uh...thanks." I said, taking a bit of pride from the whole Aphrodite fiasco. I couldn't help but allow a smile to pass over my face.
    Eris took a drag on her cigarrette. She walked over to me. The smoke smelled strangely of oranges and barb-b-que. Was it even possible for a cigarrette to smell like that?
    Her cat-like eyes twinkled with a gleam of mischief. She twirled the cigarrette in her hand. Several rings were around her fingers. One was a skull and crossbones.
    "You're welcome. But my business isn't to compliment you. Ya see, I'd like to make a deal with you. I've heard that you're looking for your mom. Undeniably your Amazon blood comes from her. But the Amazons only pray and listen to two gods. Artemis and Ares. And you already know Ares is tellin' you to give up. So he's no help there. Therefore, I will help you find your mom. But even with my help, it ain't gonna by easy. So you gotta help me with a few errands." Eris said coolly, her catty smile not once faltering.
    I crossed my arms over my chest. There was a definite catch here. There had to be. This deal seemed way to easy for me.
    "What kind of errands? And how many?" I questioned skeptically with a raised eyebrow.
    Eris only returned with a smile.
    "Smart one, aren't ya? Well, my errands are more of pranks, deceit, anything to cause a little chaos and is at another's expense. Trust me, you'll have a lot of fun. And you'll have as many errands to help me with for how much you owe me for helping you. Sound fair?" she smiled, taking another drag on her cigarrette. Green and orange smoke blew out of her black mouth.
    I nodded. "Alright, sounds fair. We have a deal." I agreed, my face serious.
    Well, at least my part of the deal probably wasn't that hard. It was playing pranks. It had to be a little fun. Who knew? I might have a blast.