• How do I get myself into these messes?! I mean really the indignity of all this! I don’t know why Storm ran off, but you would think I, Mist, a 6-month-old kitten would know not to go after him! But no I had to be heroic, and now here I am up a tree, away from home, surrounded by a pack of stray dogs! Well, Storm wasn’t one to think about what the consequences of his actions. He is more an Ooh shiny car I should chase after it type. And look at the trouble that Storm got me into, ooh Ma will be SO mad!
    That is if I survive this experience I thought looking down into four pairs of ravenous canine eyes. “Shoo! Go away! Leave me alone you stupid mutts!” I yowled at the dumb animals. They just stared at me, failing to comprehend. I made a huge show of hissing and screeching at them, fluffing myself up and unsheathing my claws. Then an acorn from the oak tree I was sitting on hit the one who was apparently the leader on the head. He whined and ran off, bringing his pack with him. Ha! Stupid mongrels! Of course they were terrified of me! What else is horrifying enough to have scared them off! I spat after them showing that they did not scare me and strutted off the battlefield of my branch.
    Now to use my superb tracking skills to find Storm. Aha! Storm’s scent! Leading right to…to a parking structure. If I didn’t get there fast Storm would be run over! But if I went after him I would be run over to and Earth would plunge into worldwide mourning for me the courageous hero. Ugh! Why do I have to make a decision!? Ok I shall risk worldwide mourning and go after my brother.
    I ducked and wove my way across the road, narrowly escaping death at the hands of a semitruck I might add. Eventually I got to the other side where the enormous parking structure loomed. I dashed inside and found myself right face to face with a Nissan Titan. I fluffed myself out as an automatic reflex and leaped out of the way. Normally I take down six trucks before breakfast but I was in a hurry.
    Now to find Storm. If I was small gray and thought I was a tough stray where would I be? Hmm… oh wait I would be hissing at the biggest car in the building of course! Now to find a huge car… Over there! A Limo! Sure enough there was a little ball of fluff spitting and yowling at biggest car in the whole place. I knew right away how to get him away from that thing: Be incredibly loud. I screeched at him and he bolted straight for me knocking me over.
    “Oh sorry Mist, I thought I heard a dog.”
    “A DOG, why you little---!”
    He interrupted “Let’s get outta here.”