• Pian. Nothing but relentless pain day in and day out. How could i have been so stupid as to leave behind the only thing in the world that actually mattered to me. Every second of every hour of every day would be spent missing her. My one and only bella. But who was i to call her mine. She was nolonger mine to hold. Regardless i knew as time passed she would forget me....

    It's been 2 years since they came and left.Swalloing up my misery in their happyness. Opening wounds that were never really healed when they were gone. In the ashes that burn before me once laid their memories. Letting go...or at least trying. But it seemed even trying wasnt good enough. I continued to live my life. The same as before except now there was the ever present silence. Silence that kept in my secrets and my pain. How odd that it seemed they were my saviors pulling me from a black abyss.how quickly things had shifted. As my head lay on the pllow i contempated all these things. It wasnt until the long hours of the night were gone and light began to filter through my window, did i finally allow rest.
    The ever pesistant knocking at my door woke me far earlier than i would have preferred. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, and throwing on a robe. As i made my way down the stairs my eyes strayed toward the window. The open window...I hardly ever left a window open these days. My once childish thoughts that he would come back the way he had come in a billion times before were long gone. To much time and energy sent into wishing and dreaming for a fantsy that could never come to be.The door!! Running full speed and throwing the door open, but my rush seemed to be uneeded for there was noone standing before me. My eyes scanned this way and that, but there seemed to be no signs that a single living soul had ever been here.I could feel the frown begining to form. A gentle laughter pricked at my ears. I moved quickly into the forest. Desperate to find the source of this laughter. Again it rang through me, this luaghter that sent shivers down my spine.Regardless i refused to give up. In my haste to reach the voice i tumbled into the river that i had been running along side of. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that one: i was not wet. and two: somone was standing next to me.Obviously supporting me. "Let me go" i didnt expect the harshness of my words to be there but the unknown person granted me my request. Placing me softly on the grass. I stared up into the most gorgouse pair of eyes. The buety was indescribable. Deep butterscotch and when the light hit them just right they were like the golden eyes of an angel."Edward", the name fell from my lips, chocked with shock, laced with sadness. His eyes were sad. "Im sorry..but iam not your Edward", soft, gentle, letting down my hopes gently. The tears pricked at my eyes, but in front of this familiar stranger i would not allow them to flow. 'Edward' the name bounced around in my head, the pain in my heart was overwhelming. The pain must have been etched across my face because he gently lifted me and placed his arms around me. "Don't worry, you'll forget in time". I stared up at this stranger that reminded me so much of Edward. But i knew that both him and edward were wrong..I would never forget.

    Light filtered through the windows, slanting across the vampire that sat so elegantly in the exact chair that Edward had once occupied so many times before. His skin sparkled more buetifuly than the brightest star in the darkest of skies. Gourgouse beyond words, a true fantasy.He turned, his movment so much like poetry in motion. I was frozen. Caught in the gaze of one who was my enemy. But even that was wrong. He could never be the enemy he would simply be the merciless killer and i the victim. I realized this..but still i could tell this quick unexpected meeting would stay etched in my mind for years to come.