• Things have been happening, none of us know what's causing this but it's unnatural. Things have been disappearing they haven't been stolen they vaporize in your hand and you never see them again. We wonder where these objects go but we are clueless. The weather changes dramatically; one moment it's a blizzard the next it is one hundred and three degrees people have gotten so sick some catch pneumonia because they weren't dressed for the icy winds, or they get heat stroke because they are bundled up in the searing heat. Human kind is ill and we don't know the cure.

    Buildings have disappeared along with people, people like my mom, my dad, and my little brother Knight. I can still hear their screams and my mom telling me to go to the lobby of my apartment in New York the Building was vaporizing from the top down I got out just in time but not my family. It has been ten years since that happened I've living alone, my social life cut off because of fear that I may lose the people I love. I walk on the streets trying not to acknowledge guys that are cute or even talk to people and it's all because of a disappearing apartment building.

    I work for a science center that has been working on this problem for twenty years. This program is paid by the government the president is getting desperate, he doesn't know what to say to his country so he made this organization something extra to tell the public and there is a chance that we might find out something and today we did.

    "Lisa," I said walking into the office, "I found this bright purple goo on this tree I took a swab of it and the tree evaporated into thin air. Lisa, I think we found the answer to our problems."

    "This could mean a big pay raise," Lisa responded. Lisa was nerdy looking thirty year old that magnifying eye glasses and really didn't enjoy her job she did it for the money. I was so disgusted with her I just figured out some awesome information and all she could think about was money, unbelievable.

    The dna is some sort of living plant organism, each cell has a mind of it's own and works together as a team to move, to change temperatures and they can teleport things. This is not a bacteria these are cells that have minds. This was what I wrote in the discovery journal it was the first discovery we have made. I did a ton of tests on D1 (a.k.a. the purple goo) to find this information. Now we new what was causing the disappearing objects, but we didn’t know how to stop it.

    I went walking through town and found several things that were contaminated by D1; flowers, rocks and a squirrel, and then I found D1 on the Empire State Building. I called nine one one. After I explained myself the cop told me I was a loon. I walked into the Empire State Building and went up to the front desk.

    “Excuse me?” I asked the lady at the front desk, “I need everyone to be evacuated from the building. Have you heard about the disappearing objects well if you don’t get out of this building you are going to be one of them.” The lady just looked at me with a n expression on her face that said “are you serious?” She opened her mouth and was about to say something but the elevator doors behind them opened up and a sweaty, panting woman ran out and yelled, “GET OUT THE BUILDING IS DISAPPEARING!”

    The woman at the desk leapt from her chair and ran for the along with the rest of the lobby. People pushed and shoved to get out of the disappearing building I looked out the window and people were falling from the sky. Those people jumped from the windows of their offices and rooms.

    The roof above me pixilated away, I froze it was like having a flashback. I was in my old apartment again and no one was there to protect me I had to protect myself but this time I couldn't I was frozen and I couldn't move. I was sucked with the building one pixel of me at time then I was in the most unusual place.....

    To Be Continued