• Chapter One

    (Hatsuyuki's P.o.V)
    I beamed and ran out onto the lake, that is quite some ways away from the mountian village. I giggled as I kicked my legs and flung my arms out on the water surface. I spun and looked at the sunset. The sun shined an orangish-pink light over the horizon making the water glow with gorgeous beauty. I laughed as I spun and sent puffs of soft snow in the air increasing the beauty. I danced around gracefully on the water surface in the snow laughing overjoyed.

    ~She looks so happy~ Hiroto thought standing on the shore watching me dance. Hiroto looked at the sun. ~Only a bit of time left~ He looked back at me. ~She will be saddened.~

    "What a burden," Hiroto sighed. I stopped dancing and looked at the young man on the shore. Water rippled around my feet.

    "Is something wrong?" I asked tilting my head. Hiroto waved a hand.

    "No, all is well, miss," Hiroto said. I smiled and nodded and started to dance again, sending more puffs of snow out of my hands into the air. I giggled. Hiroto sighed and looked at the vanishing sun again.

    ( Earlier that day)
    "Come in," a voice said. Hiroto slide the door open and bowed down on the wooden floor.

    "Did you send for me, sir Kokage?" Hiroto asked. The Kokage nodded.

    "I did. I have a favor to asked of you," Hiroto looked up at his leader.

    "A favor, sir?"

    "Yes, I understand you've been the caretaker of Hatsuyuki for some time now, right?"

    "Yes, sir," Hiroto said and nodded.

    "Then you know of what resides in her,"

    "Yes, sir. I do,"

    "I need you to take her away," the Kokage said plainly. Hiroto stood up.

    "But why?!" Hiroto asked a little loud. The Kokage sighed.

    "Because the villagers and I don't want her here anymore. She caused enough trouble for us before when she excaped and the Demon got loose, causing the damage on the village and the shortage of supplies,"


    "Don't want to hear your excuses! You will get rid of her at sunset tonight. Got it?" Hiroto sighed and bowed.

    "Yes, sir, Kokage," Hiroto said sadly. "I will do as you wish."

    ( Present time )
    The sun vanished behind the mountains in the distance. I stopped dancing and ran back to shore. The snow melted into the lake. The young man on the shore looked at me. I smiled. He sighed and turned.

    "Come on," Hiroto said and walked away. I walked beside him.

    "Thank you," I said. "For taking me out here. I loved it." He didn't look at me. I blinked. "Are you sure all is okay?" I asked. Hiroto didn't answer. I ran infront of him, causing him to stop. He didn't look at me.

    "What's going on? Tell me!" I demanded. Hiroto sighed again and looked at me. His face had no emotion, but his eyes showed great saddness.

    "What?" I asked now scared.

    "You..you are banished from the Mountain Village, Hatsuyuki," Hiroto said. My heart sunk. "By the Kokage and the villagers,"

    "But why?" I asked. My eyes watered.

    "Oh please, don't." Hiroto said. "Don't do that,"

    "But why am I?" I asked hanging my head as tears fell.

    "I- The villagers and the Kokage don't want you to there. They're scared of you and hate you for what you have in you."

    "The demon?"

    "Yes," Hiroto said.

    "I have to be alone." I stated. He placed his hand on my shoulder and smiled at me. I looked up in shock.

    "What?" I asked. He took his hand off my shoulder and wiped a tear off my cheek and knelt down in front of me.

    "I'm coming with you," He said. I smiled.

    "Are you really?" I asked. Hiroto nodded.

    "I'm not suppose to but I'm coming with you," Hiroto said and got up then started walking again. I wiped my eyes and followed him. Hiroto turned and looked around in a bush. I stopped and just looked at him. "Here it is," Hiroto pulled out two backpacks and held one out to me. "Here,"

    I took the bag and flung it over my sholder. Hiroto did the same and walked off onto the dirt trail.

    "Let's go, Yuki," He said. I beamed at the name and walked/danced along beside him.

    (Konoha Village)
    Naruto ran to the misson building and met up with Sasuke and Sakura.

    "Naruto, you late. You were suppose to be here 10 minutes ago." Sakura said.

    "I had to get breakfast at Ichiraku, they had a special on breakfast beef," Naruto said.

    "Naruto, you idiot!" Sakura thunked him on the head.

    "Ow!" Naruto grabbed his head. "What was that for?"

    "We have an important mission today," Sasuke said.

    "Yeah I know that," Naruto said.

    "We all here?" Kakashi greeted, walking to his team.

    "Yes, Kakashi-sensi," Sakura said. Naruto jumped around and pointed at Kakashi.
    "You're late, Kakashi-sensi!" Naruto yelled. Sakura thunked Naruto on the head again.

    "What was that one for?" Naruto whined.

    "You're an idiot," Sakura said. Kakashi sighed.

    "Well since we're all here let's go inside." Kakashi said.

    "Okay," Sakura said.

    "Yeah," Naruto walked ahead.

    (Moments later)
    "What!?" Naruto yelled. The Third Hokage nodded.

    "The mission scheduled for you was switch with another team."

    "What do you mean?" Kakashi said.

    "You have a new assignment," The third said. "You will be delivering supplies."

    "Oh come on!" Naruto whined. "Another delivery?"

    "Don't complain, Naruto," Kakashi said. "Where do we deliver?"

    "The mountain village is short on supplies and need you to bring some. Be careful though. There are many bandits on the trail there."

    "Alright! Let's kick some bandit butt!" Naruto cheered jumping in the air.

    "Don't cause trouble, Naruto," Sakura said.

    "Sakura's right." Kakashi said.

    "Let's just get this done and over with," Sasuke said.

    "The supplies are waitng at the Gates," The Third said.

    (The Mountain Trail-My P.o.V.)
    "Hey, Yuki wake up. Breaks over," Hiroto shook my shoulder. I opened my eyes and yawned. The sun shined in my eyes.

    "How long was I asleep?" I asked sitting up and stretching.

    "Bout an hour," Hiroto said as he walked over to where he rested and picked up his pack and flung it over his shoulder. I grabbed my pack that I used as a pillow, as I stood up then put it over my shoulder.

    "Ready?" Hiroto asked. I nodded and yawned again. Hiroto and I started to walk along side the trail. We walked in silence as time past. *Clink.*

    "You hear that?" I asked. Hiroto looked at me. I looked around.

    "What?" He asked.

    "That clinking sound," I said. *Clink, clink...Thud*

    "I hear it now." Hiroto said. "Come on," He grabbed my hand and pulled me way from the trail and we ducked in the bushes. He let my hand go.

    "Stay quiet. We're gonna see what's up," Hiroto said. I nodded. He quietly
    walked under the bushes and I followed. The clinks and thuds got louder, and voices came.

    ....to be continued. Pleases go to chap. 2 Bandits