• Running to catch up with him I fell forward into a man's arms. Looking up a blushed a deep red. "I'm so sorry sir. I didn't mean to run into you like that. " I stood up and looked up at him. "I'm so so sorry Sir. I didn't mean to I swear." Looking around the room I saw a throne. Turning white I looked back to him. "I-I..." Nothing more came from my mouth. "Royalty." That's all I thought at that moment. Just hoping I wouldn't die for touching the king.

    The king smiled. "Hello Seth I'm glad your back." He looked down me and gave another warm smile. "It's okay love. You don't need to be so worried. I may be the king but I'm not going to kill you for a small trip." He looked to his son. "Why is this girl here," he asked. Then he wondered about his other son. "That question can wait." He sighed. "Seth where is your brother?" Nathaniel was always getting into trouble. Even though he was the older brother.

    Seth sighed. "You got me dad. He's probably out with some girl or something. You should know by now that Nat is always late and never home." He looked at me. "This is Sophia. She's lost and she doesn't even know really where her place is from here. I told her she can stay here until she can find her place. I knew you would care so I just invited her." He smiled at me. "Your going to love it here."

    I smiled at them. "Yes I think I am." The questions still ran around in my head. I could no longer keep them in. "So...have you ever seen anyone around here that...was I don't know...human," I asked trying not to sound like one. Everyone here was so nice but they had strength I would never pocess. I didn't want to make them mad in any way and hoped I wouldn't.

    Both of them froze. Seth was still in a frozen state. But his father spoke. "Humans don't come around here. It's just not how things work. If they were to come here they would be in nothing but danger," he said put his arm around her. "Humans don't come around mostly because of fear. There are things around here that would most likely kill them at a glance. Though we aren't though kinds of people." He knelt down looking at me. "Why do ask such a strange question?"

    My breathing was getting heavier under my breath. Looking him in the eyes I let out an uneven breath. "No reason," I said as heart was pounding in my chest. Tears began to run down my face. My breaths were shorter and now could be heard more clearly.

    He had an almost amazed look on his face. He had noticed Seth had left not wanting to hear what his father had explained. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me to his side. He wrapped his arms around me tightly so I couldn't escape. He put his hand over my mouth. He looked down at me as my tears rolled over his hand. "You can not tell anyone what you are. You must now stay here. If you leave you have a chance of being killed. Your no longer a guest." He paused. "Your a prisoner."