• Later that evening, Robert was on the roof smoking a cigar. Yuuki came up to check on him.

    “Are you okay, Robert? You seemed upset after you mentioned your father,” Yuuki said.

    “Whatever that is buried in the sands of time should not be brought back up. You should not stir the ghosts of the past. The only good thing my father gave me was my position in the village,” Robert said.

    “My father said he knew the Kaiser and he was a very dear friend of my family. The only reason we didn’t meet was because laws dictated -”

    “-that the children could not meet except if the rulers both wanted the children to meet and it was only for a short amount of time, only enough to get the names. I know the laws too. I live there for a time and have a basic understanding of the laws,” Robert said.

    “Because we’re not under those laws anymore, we can meet and talk on a regular basis, unlike before. Maybe we could be-”

    She was cut off by an explosion large enough to completely incinerate someone who did not have the reaction time that Robert had. Around the corner, after the explosion was finished, Robert was holding Yuuki closely and she though that this was his way of coming onto her, so she slapped him and yelled “Perv-!” Robert covered her mouth and told her to keep quiet. He looked around the corner only to have a kunai thrown at his face.

    “Damn! Stay here,” he told her under his breath. And so he came out and flashed through an amazing amount of hand seals in a second then slammed his hands on the ground before he could finish his jutsu to create a wall of pure diamond to shield himself from a hail of senbon from three people dressed as ANBU from the Village Hidden in the Clouds.

    “Huh, just as things were getting boring around here, the legendary Reaper of Konoha appears to give us trouble,” said one.

    “This is going to be uber fun,” another exclaimed

    “Whatever, you two are so annoying to be around,” the girl said.

    “Yeah, Yeah. You know you love to kill legendary ninja, just like, uh. What did they call him; It’s been too long, fifteen years maybe? I can’t keep up with the people I’ve killed years ago.,” the one in the middle said.

    That phrase grabbed Robert’s attention and he started to listen to the conversation.

    “I think I remember,” the girl said. “I think they called him ‘Kaiser’.”

    That struck Robert’s very last nerve and he walked out of the diamond wall separating Robert from his opponents. He then summoned his sword, The Crystal Claymore, and started to walk towards the three ANBU with such powerful killing intent that you could feel it in the air.

    “I’M GONNA KILL ALL THREE OF YOU!” Robert said in the most demonic voice anyone has ever hear.

    The three ANBU then laughed at him and mocked him saying, “Is the Wittle boy feewings hurt?” and continued to laugh.

    Robert then disappeared and cut the one in the back of the group (the girl) in half and then tossed his sword into the air and did a ton of hand seals in a second then calmly said “Fire Style: Blazing Eruption Jutsu.” And five giant, red spires shot out of the ground around the remaining two ninja, and the ground inside the spires erupted into a thirty–foot flame hot enough to leave not even ashes behind.

    Yuuki, amazed by the simple brutality of the defense, just stood there in shock. When the rest of the team came up to the roof to see what was going on, they were awestruck at the pure show of power.

    “Holy s**t,” Shikamaru shouted.

    Tenten is just dumbstruck.

    Kiba was standing there with this stupid look on his face then finally responded “Coooool.”

    “We need to get some sleep, we still have a long way to go still, you guys need the energy, Robert said.

    The next morning, Robert was the first awake and went on the roof to watch the sun rise.

    “The sunrise is never the same anywhere.”

    Robert was too preoccupied to realize the only other person awake coming up behind him.

    “Gottcha! There is no way I would let such a good catch get away! Huh? What’s wrong, Robert? You don’t seem liked yourself today,” Yuuki said questioningly.

    “Huh, oh, nothing’s wrong, Just thinking about the sunrise.”

    “Really, you think? The way I understood it, Shikamaru was the thinker, not you,” Yuuki said jokingly.

    “Very funny, Yuuki,” Robert said with a smile.

    “Now, see? That’s much better than that scowl you had earlier,” Yuuki responded with a smile, herself.

    “Okay, are you two lovers gonna start making out, or are we gonna get started? I want to be home by the time I told my mom,” Shikamaru complained.

    “AWWW, doe wittle Shikamaru miss his mommy,” Robert said as a joke making Yuuki laugh.

    “No, I just don’t fell like hearing her b***h about me being late. God, it’s all a pain in the a**,” Shikamaru said as he turned to grab his pack. When he was not within earshot, Yuuki broke into a fit of laughter.

    “Careful, I was told to guard a person, not a corpse, so don’t die of laughter,” Robert said with a smile.

    “Now, you see, laughter starts the day off better than ‘thinking about the sunrise,’” Yuuki said looking up to Robert.

    “Yeah, thanks Yuuki.”

    Yuuki didn’t respond, she just blushed and looked at the ground.