• Sky was lead to the opposite side of the room, and Dawn was pulled by Millie to the other. Tim sat down on the tiled floor and Shyler plopped down beside him. Sky stayed standing, his back to the girls, and waited for someone to explain what was going on. Mark stood before Sky and tossed the clear round stone to him. Sky easily caught it with one hand and examined the stone.

    "That there is a crystilized scythe stone. Mr. Throughson had said you had showed signs of being a scythe-user." Mark said, then added, "We'll just have to see about that." Sky could tell there was vemon behind his words. "The main thing is to focus your feelings and spiritual energy into that stone and visualized the scythe in your mind." Mark explained.

    "Demonstration?" Sky asked.

    "Whatever. Shyler, show him, will you?' Mark groaned.

    "Sure," Shyler said and stood up.

    "WHAT THE HECK!?" someone yelled. Sky realized it was Dawn's voice and turned and saw that it was. "That is so cool!!" Dawn shrieked. Maxit was grummbling to himself on how annoying that girl is, from his chair. Sky rolled his eyes at Dawn then turned back to Shyler.

    "That chick has some of lungs on her!" Tim said and uncover his ears.

    "You okay, Tim?" Shyler asked.

    "Yeah, my ears are bleeding, but otherwise. Yeah, just fine."

    "Your ears?" Shyler repeated, but Tim waved it away.

    "Never mind." Tim said.

    "Anyway!" Mark growled.

    "Oh right!" Shyler said and pulled the neckless he was wear off then held it out in his hand for Sky to see. "This is my scythe stone." Shyler said. The clear round stone was in the center of a green leaf-like shaped pendant. Shyler then put his hands together with the stone and pendent in between them and closed his eyes. "Watch, I just now focus." Shyler said.

    Suddenly a bright green flash of light came from Shyler's hands blinded Sky for a second. Then the neckless was gone and in Shyler's hands was a scythe. The scythe had a long thin handle that was clear as crystal, and green dragon wings were formed along the scythe's blade. "See? The scythe is created from the scythe stone and takes its form from the scythe-user." Shyler explained. "Easy."

    "Wow," Sky said. Tim jumped up to his feet and stood in front of Sky as Shyler sat back down.

    "Hey Marcus-!"

    "Mark!" Mark snapped at the boy.

    "Cool name," Tim said, "Can I show Sky my scythe too?" Tim asked, but he didn't wait for an answer. Tim was already digging through his pockets for his stone, which is a good thing, because Mark wasn't planning on answering the kid. "Ah! Here it is!" Tim pulled out his stone and held it up for Sky to see. "Here's mine." The scythe stone was in the center of a black and silver triangle charm. Tim held the charm in one hand and held the other hand above it, his palm facing the charm.

    There was another flash of light, but this one was of swirl of silver-blue and green. Then Tim stood, already in his show-off stance grinning, with his scythe in his right hand. "Cool, huh?" Tim said. His scythe only came up to his eyes and was very plain looking, except for a almost bat like thing on the top. Then suddenly Tim's eyes brightened. He turned to Mark. "Hey Mark, why don't you show the newbie you scythe while we're at it?" Tim asked. "It's only fair." Mark groaned.

    "I don't know why I put up with you people," Mark grummbled as he started to unbutton the top of his shirt.

    "Wooh! Take it off Mark!" Millie called from across the room, her hands cupped around her mouth. Turns out the girls had seen the first flash of light and decided to take a 'break' before they continued.

    "Why don't you girls focus on that task at hand and teach that girl. Then we could get on with our lives!" Mark bellowed at them, his face hinting red from anger. Mark stopped at the fourth top button, and the girls' groans of dissapointment could be heard from across the room. Mark's face reddened even more as he slapped his right hand on the top center of his chest.

    Suddenly the lights went out and the room was pitch black. Millie shrieked somewhere in the darkness. When the lights came back on Mark stood before them all with his scythe. He held it horizantaly behind his back in his hands. The handle was wrapped all up in bandages and was loosely wrapped around the blade. There was a chain wrapped around the scythe as well and both ends of the chain ended as shackles on Marks wrists. Sky noticed that there were red stains on the bandages and the scythe's blade.

    "Is that?" Sky pointed to the scythe.

    "Those are the red stains of Mark's emotions." Maxit said. Maxit had heard the yelling and came to check on things.

    "Mr. Throughson, I'd appreciate you didn't blab about me or my scythe." Mark said as he wiped some blood of the bleeding cross that had appeared on his chest where he had slapped.

    "Ah! Perfect timing Mark. but wait a second." Maxit said and waved to the girls. "Come here, Dawn. Mark'll show you how to deactivate your scythe." Maxit called to her.

    "Okay!" Dawn said and ran over and stood by Sky. Mark grummbled some more and licked his blood off his fingers. Instantly the scythe started to dissolve and the last thing to go was the shackles.

    "To deactivate the blasted thing you need to consume some of your own blood." Mark said then wiped his hand on his pants. The bleeding cross started to heal up. "Just a drop or two will do." Sky and Dawn looked at Mark like he just grew another head.

    "So you guys are like vampires that drink your own blood." Dawn said then bobbed her head. "Okay, okay. I can deal with that." Sky just stood there not sure what to say.

    "That's good Dawn, because once you create your scythe, you're going to taste you're own blood quite a bit from here on out." Maxit said. "Hope you're not too squimish."

    "Squimish?" Dawn repeated. "Have you seen the things I ate?" Dawn asked. "So a little bloods no problem."

    "Good, now separate and get back to the task." Maxit said and went back to his chair. Dawn gave Sky a look then went back to the girls.

    "Now, Sky focus." Mark said then went and sat off to the side to watch from a distance. Sky nodded and sat down on the cool tile and held the scythe stone in his hands and closed his eyes.