• Part 1

    Haru's green eyes stared intently at the blue light the moon showed.She was sitting on her window pane as always looking at the moon and it's light.She wore a long red gown with yellow stiching and the family symbol wolf on it.Haru was the second in line to become princess of Tokia.A large and filling city in Japan.
    "Oh!"She said as she crawled down from the window pane and grabbed her bag.She slipped a yellow book out of it and stared at it.It had a red wolf on it and she opened it slightly.Making sure no one was around she then opened the book all the way.It was a diary she had recieved when she was three.She wrote in it every night.Tonight though she had an overwhelming feeling that it was important for her to write in it tonight.
    Dear Diary,
    I feel as though I need to write in you tonight.Though I always do.Anway it has been a normal day.Big brother Tai and big sister Toki were practicing their martial arts again,and I watched them fight.Then they rushed to me and asked who was better.I told them they were both amazing.I can't wait

    She stopped and stood up.She could hear a noise from downstairs.She slipped her diary in her bag and went downstairs.The stairs were long and turned then she saw the three people.Two were women who looked like twins with identical blond hair and red eyes.The guy looked to be nineteen and had spiked pruple hair and when he saw her his eyes filled with horror."Get upstairs" He said.I looked past him.Blood was everywhere and my parents were laying on the floor.Tai-kun and Toki-kun came running down the stairs.I stared crying and Toki grabbed me."Ramisa,Kakichi,and Sakki."My brother breathed."You killed them!"He said after he saw their parents.He rushed to the the three.
    Kakichi stared at him and Sakki came and punched him hard in the stomache and he fell to the ground.
    "Big Brother!"Haru yelled, but Toki didn't let go until she stood up and rushed at them.
    While Sakki attacked her brother and Ramisa attacked her sister,Kakichi came to her and knelt down on the ground and looked her in the eye. "Child,you come with us or die.I was hoping you'd sleep and this wouldn't happen,but...."He said it quietly."NEITHER!"Haru yelled.Tai-kun laid on the ground he was covered in blood and Toki was losing her breath.Toki yelled to Haru"You were a great sister,but don't let them take you,run for your life."Then,she died.Tears slid down Haru's face and then she bolted upstairs.
    She tripped as she grabbed her bag.She had no martial arts expeirence,except from watching her siblings.No mattter those people would pay.Then,she screamed'One day you'll die for this!"Then,she went to her window and slid down the roof onto the ground and ran.
    Kakichi ordered the twins out and he set the mansion on fire.Then,he walked up the stairs to see if the girl was there.She wasn't,so he left the burning mansion by the window then him and the girls left.