• Sara Tierra Letty Lester hated to be in someones house alone at night. She found it sort of creepy. Though she was`nt superstitious, she hated it. She thought she heard voices in the creaks of stairs and was afraid of the slightest squeek of a mouse.
    But her mom, coming home and making dinner, surprised her. "Honey I know you don`t like to be in other houses at night, but I got you a great job babysitting twins! $100.00 dollars every 3 hours and they will be gone for four so thats about 4 hours for $125.00 dollars!"
    Sara was silent and then screeched "WHAT??? mom ,you know I do NOT want to even for a huge sum of money! maybe for an hour but then I am LEAVING the moment it starts getting dark"
    Sara ran to her room before her mom could protest.
    The next day she set out for the job. She saw the parents leave and she ran towards the house.The twins were asleep so she started on her homework.2 and 1/2 hours passes and she hadn`t heard a peep. She went back to her HW. it was almost time to leave and she heard a scream of fright. She ran and saw the two children hung by thier waists and thier heads were on the floor. She screamed and saw the note the parents left.
    "Sara, we leave you the money for you`re troubles but we have decided to take the twins out anyways. Leave because you will be in grave danger if you stay".
    She grabbed her things and left the house, right into her mothers arms, still clutching the note and money tightly.
    She stayed in her room babbling nonsense until her parents finally brought her to a psichiatrist and he told them about what she saw in the house, that very long time ago.
    Sara was put in a rubber room for the rest of her life...