• ***Kohai's P.O.V.***
    I'd heard of busses, i'd even seen a few from my room high above the city streets, but i'd never been in one before. I had mixed feelings about stepping outside but with Azuri planted at my side i was reassured. He lead me down the worn out stairs and into the messy lobby, where he nodded in hello to a girl we passed. At the sight of her i accidently snatched up Azuri's hand--scared she'd recognize me and my trip would be over so soon. But she didn't even look at me. Azuri did though as my hand folded into his.
    He arched a brow. "I didn't know you felt that way." He said with heavy sarcasm. I pulled my hand away immediately.
    "A-accident." I said. He just shrugged.
    "If you want to hold my hand just say so. I don't mind." He said this with such confidence. I wish i could have shared his self assurance. I just folded my hands behind my back and looked at the floor. Azuri then put his hand on my back, his thumb brushing against the skin on my neck and making my heart flutter, as he lead me out of the apartment building and onto the busy streets of the forbidden city.
    It was like nothing i'd ever seen--full of life and noise and freedom. A girl and a boy walked across the street, both with black wings pulled back behind them, holding hands and gazing at each other in admiration. There was a mother holding the hand of a small child who was pointing at a motorcycle that zipped by. There were cars and oh so many people, all doing what they wanted and not caring what others thoguht of them. It was so simple but it was the life i'd dreamed of all my life. I couldn't help but look up at Azuri in admiration for giving this to me.
    Azuri looked at me for a second--then double took as he saw my expression. He raised his brows. "What's that look for?"
    "Thank you. Sooo much. I owe you." The words spilled out of me.
    He pondered for a second then nodded. "I'll hold you to that."
    "Whatever you ask," I promised. Looking back on that promise now i realize how little i expected him to do with that statement. 'Whatever' ended up including a lot more then i'd ever thought. But i'm not complaining....
    Then the bus came. And i remembered my fear.

    Azuri boarded and paid the driver, then heading to the back of the bus, passing many people. I stopped breathing. I followed hesitantly, meeting the gazes of black winged angels i was sure would recognize their prince. But i was shocked! Not a one of them paid me any more then a glance. I hurried back to sit next to Azuri, secretly sure he'd protect me if something went wrong, and looked out at the other people in confusion. Why didn't they know me? Didn't all angels know their prince when they saw him?
    Azuri smirked and folded an arm around me, pulling me against him and leaning down to place his lips near my ear. "Angels around here wouldn't recognize their own king much less their prince. Most of them probably don't even know the king's name. We're pretty good at seperating ourselves from you white wings."
    "W-why?" I asked, still baffled.
    Azuri's hand had rested on my shoulder and as he talked he stroked my shoulder. Was he doing that on purpose or without realizing it, i wondered? "You white wings treat us pretty badly, y'know. We're like animals to you, or at least you make us feel that way. We avoid you adn try not to think of you."
    I hadn't known this at all and the information surprised me. But i didn't have much time to think about it because the bus was now turning a corner and i was eager to see the city.
    At every turn i was awed. Every store had its imperfections, sure, but that's what made them unique and lovely. The buildings, the people, even the trees and bushes were different then anything i'd ever seen. I had my hand on the window gazing out at the new world just out of my reach before i'd realized the bus had stopped. Azuri stood and snapped his fingers to get my attention.
    I looked up at him. "We're here," He said, and walked off the bus. I hurried after him, not wanting him too far from me, and hopped off the bus at the doorstep of a place i now know as my slice of heaven.

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