• One beautiful afternoon, six kids went to King's Island, their favorite amusement park. All of the kids loved the ride, “The Viking Ship,” so they all decided to go there first. Of course when they got there, they had a better idea.

    "Guys, why don’t we swim in the lake under the ship? I mean come on, we all know how to swim.” said Austin.

    He looked around to see if any King's Island workers were around. No one was to be found, so he thought that his idea was going to work out perfectly.

    "Yeah, that’s a great idea Austin!” Lindsey said excitedly, "I am a master at swimming.”

    She put her hands on her hips with a proud smile on her face.

    "Guys, we all know we can swim but what about Kaylei? She could drown easily. I mean she’s just a little kid.” Leesa said worriedly.

    “Oh, Kaylei knows how to swim.” Taylor added while rolling her eyes at Kaylei. “Don’t you Kaylei?”

    “Yeah, of course I know how to swim.” Kaylei said looking at her sister with an evil look on her face. “Why don’t we jump in right now? We don’t want to waste any time.”

    “We should all just hold hands and jump in. Make this day a great memory.” mentioned Chelsea.

    “Good idea Chelb.” Austin said.

    As they all ran into the lake, Kaylei started looking at each of them slyly. Her plan was working exactly how she thought it would.

    “You guys are so dead.” she said as she looked into her bag.

    No one had any idea why Kaylei had packed a chain in her bag.

    “Who wants to go first?” She looked at Lindsey.

    “Oh, I get it.” Lindsey said proudly. “You want us to find the chain when you throw it, right? You know, like those little sticks you throw in the pool.”

    “Yes, of course!” said Kaylei sneakily.

    As everyone went down besides Taylor, Kaylei started to pretend to throw the chain. Everyone went after an invisible chain, but Lindsey saw that Taylor didn’t join in the fun. She stopped looking for the chain and went towards Taylor, but she had another thing coming. Kaylei had the chain in her hands and wrapped it around Lindsey’s neck, pulling it so tight that Lindsey’s neck started bleeding. It wasn’t long before she was choked to death.

    “Kaylei! You just killed Lindsey.” said a frightened Taylor.

    Kaylei went back under and killed the rest of Taylor’s friends, not even phased by Taylor’s emotions. Taylor knew what was coming and tried to swim away, but Kaylei got to her just in time.

    Once she killed them all, she called 911 reporting the bloody mess.

    “911. What is your emergency?”

    “My sister and all of her friends are dead! I came out of the bathroom at King’s Island and found them!” Kaylei screamed and cried.

    “We’ll send help right away, miss.”

    Kaylei’s revenge worked out just as she planned.