• "Mom whats out there." Crystal says. "Nothing sweetie ill just go lock up around the house just in case ok? I will be back." Mom says. Saphfire says. "Well can i get the shotgun just in case they r back because i know what they r." Dad says "No because i will handle it if im not back in 10 min Darla come find me ok." Mom says "Ok but be careful and take the wooden stick with u." Downstairs in the basement.

    Saphfire says "Mom its been 10 minutes go see where he is ok."
    Dad screams, and mom runs down into the basement and she sees them feeding on him sucking his life she screams, and runs ,but they grab her legs throw her against the wall, and she screams again to were her daughter can here her scream she screams this. "Run Crystal and Saphfire they r back run far away.
    The next thing u know her mom wasn't screaming and they were running while her moms blood was getting drained from her body.

    to be continued.