• the soldier was walking around the city block. out on another patrol. he walked around the corner and saw after his pointless patrol he ended up in the town square. he looked around and saw a man in strangest thing ever. a man in a lab coat walking around town square seeming lost. he looked to his left and saw a few soldiers walking int oa building and followed so he can stand guard outside.

    gordan was completly lost. he had no idea where he was going. he walked past a few armored suited guys and looked inside the building they went in. he noticed that on the wall there was blood everywhere and there was bodies stocked besides a wall. gordan was horrified and he continued to walk till he was blocked by a security gate. he looked around for a way around and found a reachable ladder for a fire escape.

    the soldier left once the other soldiers started to leave. he walked towards the bridge and listen to the built in radio in the suit. he heard that they had ambushed a refugee camp in the city that helped refugees escape in and out of the city. he walked towards the train station crossed over a bridge before he saw a man in a metal suit jumping onto a passing train.

    gordan landed on the train sliding and almost fell right off. he stood up and ran down it as bullets flew around him. he wished that he had a weapon to fight back with. he jumped off the train and landed on a aproaching maintenance ramp and ran down it to a sewer with the bars torn open. he jumped in and ran down the sewer to a turn where he found a body of a dead soldier with a pistol in his hands.

    the soldier ran around and down to a canal opening. he knew where the man was going and he knew where he was gonna exit. he jumped over a railing and landed in the dry river bed of the canal and looked around. he was horrified. he laned in the torn apart camp with dead bodies everywhere. soldiers may of been dead all over the place but the refugees bodies were torn to pieces. he could not bare the sight. he started to run into the sewer. he leaned on the wall and slid down it. he sat on the floor thinking of his childhood. he remembered the children cries from them being transformed and modified into soldiers. he remembered him going through the same. he tried to remember being a child. the swings of the playground near the townsquare that he used to play in. the building that he grew up in till the seven hour war.
    he longed to feel the warmth of his mother hugging him. he felt the edge of his helmet feeling the latch that held the airtight lock down on the suit. he quickly opened the helmet and felt the cold air rushed around his head. he lifted the helemt off his head and left it slip out of his hands. it fell on the ground with a soft thud and he felt his face for the first time in his memory. he started to walk down towards the refugee camp again. this time for another reason.