• “Kade, stop, it’s completely casual.” He sighed
    “I HATE you!!” I screamed “Did you even like mom?? You are evil!!” I grabbed Snickers off of the counter and ran to my room tears blurring my eyes…
    Every once in awhile I might hear his pleading and banging on my door through my music I was perfectly content to stay in my room the rest of the day. He had to leave the next morning anyway. When I woke up and got up the nerve to see if he was gone, he was, I got ready and met Melody at the park in front of our school…
    I got there first, I usually did. I was tired it was hard to sleep when you have to block out your dad, pleading for forgiveness and banging on your door, with loud music. I swung gently back and forth till I saw Melody racing up the path grasping her breakfast (a Twinkie).
    “Hi.” I said flatly
    “Hey” she said clutching her side
    “Forget to set you alarm… again?”
    “Well yeah.” she said eating her Twinkie
    “You are so retarded Mel,” I sighed my nose stung “let’s just go, I gotta tell ya something.”
    “omfg! What the freak is wrong with your dad?”
    “I don’t know.” I said calmly
    “It’s only been six months!” shouted my spastic buddy
    I nodded
    She calmed down, “Hey, maybe you can break them up.”
    Sometimes, she actually pulled a good Idea out of the thing on top of her neck with eyes on it.
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