• Chapter 7: The Ending Came

    How were we ment to stay in this room. We have successfully gotten some food and a couple times we successfully made it back from the restroom. We couldn't stay in for two more hours.Tony was looking out the window he said he could tell time from how the sun moves and he said two more hours.

    Finally I became sick and couldn't stay in the room much longer.

    "What are you doing?" Abby asked

    "I don't care if I go down with him I got to kill Gates. Abby Tony you stay, you two can make it, plus Gates knows this must be between me and him."

    "No! Christian I'm going, I'm not going to be a coward anymore" Tony said

    "No! Neither of you are going, got it?! This is between me and Gates and he wants this to, he doesn't want to kill you two but he will to mess with me. And so I need to kill him."

    I walked out of the room two pistols and an M1A1. I swear to kill him and I knew I was able to kill him even if both us went down.

    "Gates! Gates!! Gates!!!" I yeld threw the masion "Come on Gates, me and you dude right now"

    Then I was hit and knocked down. Both my pistols were gone, I pulled out the M1A1 and i started firing and I hit again. Then it was gone, finally he showed up in front of me. His face was almost gone and the skin was coming of and one of his eyes was gone.

    "I'm sure you want to know what happened to me, well if I don't um.... kill I become week and I can't go threw childhood again and so I can't enter that room. But since you came out I will become stronger and finally enter the room and then my victoms will have nowhere to hide!"

    "Not now"! Tony yeld.

    Then him and Abby started firing rounds off at Gates. Then he tried to run and I tripped him.

    "Come on Gates me and you right now just fist." I said.

    "Just becasue I'm this week doesn't mean I lost my Gates strength".
    Then He punched me and I was down. "You see Christian it's over, you lead them out here which is more strength and I'll let you watch me kill them then after your death I'll be unstoppable, but a quick question Christian when I start all over again should I be Steve Nichols or should I be Derek Jones? I need to know what to be when I start out school again."

    It was blurry and I couldn't see all I could see was Abby and Tony dis-armed and Gates walking slowly to them. Then there is was, my pistol, I aimed the shot and took it, but I missed and shot him in the back off the leg.

    "Ah screw it, Tony you get see me rip your best friend to total shrieds and Abby your love is about to be puppy chow"

    He ran at me then bounced back like some force-filled was around me. But what was it? I looked up and couldn't believe it, it was the father from the picture of Gates when he was really who he was. "Don't worrie" he said, then I saw him fight his song and Abby and Tony started to drag me out. Back and back they hit one another and I couldn't believe it. from the little I saw I thought I was already dead. Then Abby and Tony lead me out the door and the doors were open and I could see the hole fight still and then I saw something that was amazing. Gates had his head ripped off and was falling on his knees and then he dad waved at me.

    That was it the night was over and his dad killed him so there was know more and no one would ever be a victom, but then as his dad was waving I saw him turn into dust and he was gone. But then I felt the energy and I could his dad's voice.

    "I am you now and I will help you dear boy. Anytime you need me just yell "help".

    And that was it the energy was gone and I passed out, and woke up the next morning in the hospital. Surrounded by my loving friends.

    Extra Ending:

    "So what you want to do tonight?" Abby asked

    "I don't know, Tony still has those tickets to A Night with a Dead Killer."

    "Yea, then he'd like to come."

    "No he is has a date tonight."

    "Really? With who Stacy's head?"

    "Hey don't make cracks about Tony he is a good guy and deserves a break. And besides he'll give us the tickets and he'll be at his date and me and you can be in a theater with no lights and no one can see us, sit in the back row."

    "What about the movie."

    "I don't want to go for the movie, I just want to go with you."

    "Okay this time you pick me up."

    "But my car bro- Okay...See ya tonight."

    Then I gave Abby a kiss and got in the car and drove home. But what was worse was what I saw but it seemed only I saw. Pulling in my drive way the masion at the end of the road liftied up into the air and it broke into a trillion pieces and spelled something and it said.

    I'm coming back and I want to know, can you take it little man?

    Then it went back to normal and I couldn't believe it...
    Book 1 is over