• Eight Years Later

    “See ya mom.” I said as I walked out the door. “ Bye honey. Oh do you need me to drive you to school?” my mom asked generously. “No thanks mom its just around the corner.” “Ok have a nice day, love you.” “Love you to.” I said and walked out the door. I love walking to school seeing the cherry blossom trees and breathing in fresh air. When I got to school I talked to my friends, that’s the only thing I liked coming to school for. The thing I hate about school was work and all that crap. But most of all I hated the uniform that the girls HAD to were. It was a stupid girly shirt and a stupid skirt. I hate skirts. I don’t understand why we couldn’t were jeans and stink in t-shirt. Anyway I went to talk to my friends for a while. The bell rang for us to go to class. Once I was inside the building, I realized I had forgot my geometry book outside. I ran back and got my book and I made it just in time before the tardy bell rang.” Dang Luna, what was all that?” my friend Jasmine asked. She was my best friend; she had dark chocolate skin, dark chocolate eyes, black hair that was string at the bottom and she was really fun. “I – forgot – my book.” I panted. “Oh, at least you got here in time, there’s a new guy.” “So you know I don’t really care for guys much.” “Yeah, but I think you’ll like this one.” “What makes you think that?” “You’ll see.” She said softly. “Ok” I said bewildered. Before I know it there was a boy in front of the class. He had light blue eyes, short brown hair that was spiked in the front, and pale skin. Unfortunately Jasmine was right, I did like this one. And I recognized him from somewhere but I couldn’t remember. “ Ok who knows where Max can sit?” the teacher said breaking me out of concentration. So his name is Max I thought to myself. “ Isn’t there an empty seat by you Luna?” “Yeah” “You can go on and sit there Max, you share a text book with Luna till you have your own? The teacher explained and went on with class. All the girls smirked at me; I just rolled my eyes and listened to the teacher.

    The end of the day came and I was walking home. I heard footsteps behind me and turned to see who or what it was. It was Max and I asked, “Are you following me?” I asked suspiciously. “No, I live across the street from you, you didn’t see the moving truck yesterday? “Um guess not. “I answered. “So your names Max?” I asked curiously. “Yeah and you names Luna?” “Yeah, Luna Black, I came from the country.” “Where from the country?” “Dustin and you?” “I came from the country, too used to go to Haskell.” “Oh, ok well I gotta go so, see yea.” I said and went before he could even say bye. The next day was weird; Max kept staring at me every time I walked in the halls and sometimes in class. To me relief the day ended and know I could practice my violin. I have been dieing to but with all the crap we have to do at school I never have time to play, until today. I absolutely loved playing my violin: it sounds so beautiful. Anyway, I did homework and my dad drove me to the place were I practiced which was called The Fine Arts Center. He dropped me off and said he would pick me up later. When he drove away Max came around the corner and I was hoping he wouldn’t stare at me again. He was walking towards me and I just asked, “What are you doing here?” “I have art lessons here what about you?” “This is where I practice.” “What do you play?” “Violin.” ; “Oh”. I went inside and he just caught up to me “Hey sorry if I freaked you out today. It’s just that you are so familiar and I was trying to think if we meet before or something like that.” He explained. I just smiled and said don’t worry, I feel the same way about you.” And I pat him on the shoulder and went to practice. After that I did not see Max and thought he went home. And I went home. After I had dinner I went to bed and had a familiar dream. I was way younger and back in the mall with mom every one was screaming, running, there where guys with guns. I woke up with a cold sweat going down me back. Eventually I realized that it was the event that happened 8 years ago.