• The dragon, a morvoles creacher but to truly understand this beast we must hear there story. This dragons name is faera and she will tell you her life story on how she loved lost and found herself.

    It was a dark night when I was born not even the moon was out. my egg cracked open and i saw the world for the first time with my green eyes my skin was silver and when i streched my tail the spikes wear black even thow i was just born i had small horns that sparkled n the flan that my fother had made and when i looked around for my mother i could not find her my fother told me she had gone hunting becouse we wore low on food.

    ten days later she came her golden skin spirkled in the shining sun she had silver horns that wear much biger then mine and silver spikes on the tail and back n her mouth she cared ten dear and two birds, and even thow i had just met my parents i loved them more then life itself.

    my mother tout me how to hunt and my fother tout me how to fight. but sudenly my mother became sick and so she could not hunt instead my fother hunted and i protected my mother i was about 14 when while my fother was hunting two humens entered the cave but thar was somthing deferent about them they smelled weared and moved vary quickly they did not cary sticks and yet they atacked us but my mother was so ill that she coult not move i defended the best i could but was defeated as i layed thar helpless i wached as they meardred my mother they wear just about to do the same with me when they lifted there heads and ran. my fouther landed n the cave then saw me on the flore and that mother had been killed. out off anger he went to the enterence flow strate up folded his wings and fell to his death.

    ten years later i was fully groun my frends had all been maread and i was aloun untell a yonge dragon about my age walked into my cave she was sad and aloun so i gave him confert. he told me the same story i just told you i found myself in his eyes later we marred and had kid but that is a deferent story all together.